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What To Watch Vs. Panthers

What should fans keep an eye on tonight when the Eagles host the Carolina Panthers? Dave Spadaro, Bo Wulf and Chris McPherson offered their thoughts ...

Dave Spadaro: "Well, I'm going to go the unconventional route here, guys, and talk about the rookie class. I know that everybody is focused on other things, but I want to see some of these young players really step into prominent roles. We've already seen Lane Johnson in 21 snaps last week dominate the right tackle position. Zach Ertz, at the tight end position, more of a role in the passing game against Carolina. I want to see, on defense, Bennie Logan, defensive tackle, step into more reps and maybe, maybe earn a starting a job at some point this preseason. Earl Wolff. The Eagles did not tackle well last week. Does Earl Wolff fill a need at the safety position, whether he starts or not against Carolina? What about Damion Square at defensive tackle? What about some of these other young players who, we look and we say, 'Where's all this new talent, how are they going to fit in?' Jake Knott at linebacker played pretty well last week. Does he deserve more reps, does he deserve more time? So this is reminiscent of Andy Reid's early seasons. You build with the young core, you develop that young core and then you become a very good team for years to come. So in game number two I'm kind of keeping my eye on the young guys."

Bo Wulf: "Well, Dave, you mentioned the lack of great tackling last week for the defense, and I want to see if they can be better there this week, and not just one-on-one tackling, but being in the right gaps, playing responsible defensive football. It's all about comfort here and it's all about can these guys make the transition to this 3-4-mostly defense. Can Fletcher Cox up front make the transition? He was so impressive last year. Can he continue to be an impressive player this year? Chip Kelly has called Fletcher Cox one of the best interior defensive players in all of the entire National Football League. I'd like to see him and the rest of these guys continue to make this transition and be comfortable with Bill Davis' defense."

Chris McPherson: "I'm going to transition from the defense to the offense and, specifically, the quarterback position. Who will step up in this battle to win the starting job? Nick Foles will get the first crack (tonight). Both he and Michael Vick are supposed to split reps through the course of the first half. Vick, very impressive on the touchdown drive working with a clean pocket, very accurate, had some strong throws deep down the field. Foles ran the hurry-up very efficiently, good drive there for him coming back from the fumble. So who will be consistent, who will step up and take charge as the preseason carries on? And we will look to see who's going to be a winner in the quarterback battle."

Fans can watch the game in the Philadelphia area on 6abc or listen on 94 WIP. Please join us for a live chat on during the game and we will have highlights and interviews on the Post-Game Show presented by Ricoh after the final whistle. You can also follow our @Eagles account on Twitter for in-game updates.

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