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What does being 3-0 mean to Nick Sirianni?

Head Coach Nick Sirianni
Head Coach Nick Sirianni

What does 3-0 mean to Head Coach Nick Sirianni? Pretty much what you would expect from someone who stays where his feet are and who walks the walk on his daily talk of "being one percent better every day."

It means the Eagles have to go 1-0 this week. It means, truly, that nothing changes.

"Good start to the season. We know that in a heavyweight championship fight, which is what we compare this to, we have 17 rounds," Sirianni said in his weekly one-on-one interview, presented by Wawa, "and that when you go to the corner, you go to the corner and you sit down and you catch your breath and you figure out what you did wrong, you try to make that correction on what you did wrong and you come out for the next round thinking about that round, and that round only. You don't think about, 'What's going to happen if I'm the heavyweight champion? What's going to happen in Round 9? What happened in the last round?' When you do that, you end up getting knocked out in that round.

"So, our goal is to sit there and come out the next round swinging and be ready to go and be completely focused on Round 4."

The fourth round is a visit from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Head Coach Doug Pederson, the former head coach of the Eagles from 2016-20 who led Philadelphia to the first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. For a second consecutive week there is a storyline for fans to talk about all week – on Sunday the story leading into the game was playing against former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz for the first time.

Inside the walls of the NovaCare Complex, that stuff doesn't matter. It's all about football.

"I think that goes to riding the wave of the season," Sirianni said. "You're always going to have something like that, right? You're always going to have, 'This guy played with this guy in college football or Jason Kelce and his brother (Travis, tight end with Kansas City Chiefs) played against each other or Coach Pederson or (tight end Zach) Ertz (who plays with Arizona, Philadelphia's Week 5 opponent) or Carson playing against their old team. Those things can go on forever and ever.

"You're just trying to focus on the day at hand to try to get yourself ready for this weekend. That's the definition of "dawg mentality." Being in the moment, where you are right now, forget about the past, just be where you are at this particular time and work on getting a little bit better and good things will happen and try not to ride the waves of the season."

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