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Wednesday Morning Headlines

Here's your daily roundup of the day's latest Eagles news as the team departs Lehigh for the NovaCare Complex ...

It's obviously been a trying Training Camp for head coach Andy Reid, but Reid is attempting to move forward.

On the field, Reid feels stronger about the team this year than he did last season at this time.

It's a search for football normalcy for the head coach, writes Rich Hoffman.

It was a quiet but productive Training Camp for three offensive stars.

Brandon Boykin gives the Eagles a serious kickoff return threat.

Phillip Hunt![](/team/roster/phillip-hunt/62703e27-aa46-4718-988f-0b4230d357e4/ "Phillip Hunt") wants more than an opportunity, he wants to thrive.

Training Camp was a strong start to ' career.

Olympian and former Florida star Jeff Demps has declared his NFL intentions. Do the Eagles have interest?

Entering his third season, Clay Harbor is having a 'superb' preseason.

What's the next step for after his auspicious debut?

Once again, Brandon Hughes![](/team/roster/brandon-hughes/7a30fc3c-e5b8-48fa-aff2-5695781fbfad/ "Brandon Hughes") is flying under the radar as a roster candidate.

Jaiquawn Jarrett, through the eyes of .

The first-team left tackle, King Dunlap, under the spotlight.

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