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Wake-Up Call: Who Are We Most Excited To See Put On The Pads?


The Eagles' veterans reported to the NovaCare Complex on Wednesday. The players have a conditioning test in the morning before a two-hour, 10-10-10 practice beginning at 12:45 p.m. Head coach Doug Pederson addresses the media at 2:45 p.m. and we will broadcast that live.

1. If You Didn't Know, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

2. One-On-One With Doug Pederson

On the debut episode of Inside Training Camp presented by Xfinity, Doug Pederson sits down with Dave Spadaro for a one-on-one interview to learn about the differences between his first and second camp as head coach. We introduce you to Torrey Smith, one of Carson Wentz's newest weapons at wide receiver. And, we showcase the top plays from the first three days of Training Camp.

3. Who Do We Want To See In Training Camp?

On the Eagle Eye in the Sky podcast, Fran Duffy solicited four opinions and offered his own asking which player are we the most excited to see with the pads on in Training Camp. One player received two votes.

Jimmy Kempski, Philly Voice: DE Derek Barnett

"Hands down. We can see his band and dip, which was, of course, his bread and butter move in college that enabled him to put up the sack numbers he did. But what you don't see in Training Camp is being able to convert speed into power, bull rushes, and see how he's able to set the edge and play the run when they put the pads on, especially against guys like Jason Peters. He mostly squared off against guys like Lane Johnson in OTAs and minicamp which is certainly a big test as well, but when they put the put the pads on, it's going to be Derek Barnett versus Jason Peters."

Les Bowen Philadelphia Daily News: RB Donnel Pumphrey

"I think he's the guy I'm most intrigued to see just because I've watched small running backs with the Eagles and there have been several. The ones that have been successful have had stocky muscular build, Brian Westbrook, Darren Sproles. Little guys generally weren't able to do much. If you don't have that power base it's really hard in the National Football League to avoid getting killed or to just be effective. Everybody says that's not going to be a concern with Donnel Pumphrey. Certainly in these drills he looks like lightning with his cuts, his acceleration. He looks like a guy who can really add a lot, but I want to see him get hit a bunch of times frankly and see how that goes."

Dave Spadaro, RB LeGarrette Blount

"I've never seen a back as large as LeGarrette Blount. Never have the Eagles had in my days the kind of power dimension that he brings to the table. I want to see that particularly in those three days of tackling that Doug will open up in the practices. I want to see the power, the brute force of LeGarrette Blount and I want to see how the defense reacts to 250 pounds running downhill."

Chris McPherson, DE Derek Barnett

"He's a guy who flashed with tremendous quickness off the edge, showed the ability to produce some countermoves, and someone who caught the coaches' eyes. The players in the locker room have raved about him, the way he's approached the game, the way he's asking the right questions, the way he's just mixing in the defensive line room. To this point, everything looks good in shorts and T-shirts but you have to see it with the pads on. What's it going to be like going up against Lane Johnson, Jason Peters at that left tackle position once the pads go on? Derek Barnett is someone I think can have an immediate role for this defense in 2017."

Fran Duffy, DT Tim Jernigan

"At times this spring, Tim Jernigan was unblockable. I mean you see him win with his first step, you saw him win with his hands in a number of different ways. He was beating offensive lineman left and right throughout the course of the spring. Once everybody gets their pads on, not just in games during the preseason, but also in practice and one-on-ones, I want to see Tim Jernigan carry that over. He talked about how he had never played in a scheme like this. I'm excited to see him really play in a scheme like this. Once the pads come, once we get into those full-contact days ... If Tim Jernigan can take the play we saw this spring and carry it over to the spring this fall I think that spells big things for this Eagles defensive line."

4. Don't Freak Out If Carson Wentz Throws Interceptions Today

Earlier I noted that the Eagles have a 10-10-10 practice today. So what is that? Alex Smith explains.

"This practice format cycles through 10 offensive plays, 10 defensive plays, and 10 minutes of special teams work. During the offensive plays, the offense will be set up to succeed on every play, meaning the defense will back off a bit so the offense can see how each play is designed to work in its best-case scenario. During the defense's 10 plays, the offense will allow the called play on defense to work to perfection. Finally, special teams will take the field for 10 minutes of work. That cycle will repeat during the length of the practice session.

"So what exactly does this mean? Don't be surprised to see tweets or stories about quarterbacks throwing five interceptions in a row or a cornerback getting beat on multiple plays. Some fans and media members look to critique every single play during Training Camp, but it's important to realize that these practices are designed to have one side of the ball look great while the other side looks outmatched. It's all part of the "10-10-10" practice design, which the Eagles will use every few days during camp."

5. Roster Moves Galore On Wednesday

The Eagles traded veteran offensive lineman Allen Barbre, who made 28 starts over the past two seasons, to the Denver Broncos for a 2019 conditional draft pick. The team also waived defensive end Marcus Smith and re-signed linebacker Steven Daniels.

The Barbre and Smith moves highlight just how much the Eagles have improved in the trenches this offseason.

6. At Least The First Open Practice Is This Saturday

When football season is only a few weeks away...

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