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Wake-Up Call: Dick Vermeil Predicts How Many Wins For 2017 Eagles?


The Eagles are already on the field for Wednesday morning's practice. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will speak with the media at around 10:20 a.m., which we will carry live on and the Eagles Mobile App. Until then, here's what you need to know for Wednesday, August 2.

1. How Many Wins Do You Say?

Eagles Hall of Fame head coach Dick Vermeil spent Tuesday at Training Camp and spoke about the prospects for this year's team with Howard Eskin on his podcast.

"I'll be surprised if they don't win 11 games," Vermeil said. "Those receivers are going to score. (Darren) Sproles is going to score coming out of that backfield. The tight ends are going to score some points."

Vermeil was thoroughly pleased with the way quarterback Carson Wentz has developed.

"He's more impressive than last year," Vermeil said. "He's throwing the ball downfield more accurately. In fact, he threw almost every ball accurately. ... He was very impressive today."

This quote from Vermeil about Wentz's poise and command caught my attention. Vermeil has a lot of trust in the second-year quarterback with the game on the line.

"I would bet he has some of that Navy SEAL stuff in his blood," Vermeil said.

Wow. The two have a good discussion about head coach Doug Pederson and the importance of leadership.

2. Carson Wentz Moves Fans To Tears

Karen Anderson and her family came to Eagles Training Camp last week from Jamestown, North Dakota to see quarterback Carson Wentz up close and in person.

She was moved to tears seeing the pride of North Dakota represent his home state.

"He's awesome. Such a role model for our kids and grandkids," she told 6abc.

Wentz was humbled by Anderson's response.

"Just to know I have that support, obviously in Philly the fan support here is unbelievable, but knowing that the fan support extends back home, the same fans I had since I was even a kid, in college at North Dakota State, seeing how much passion they still have and how much they follow me, it's definitely humbling ... to recognize that I have that influence, I'm very fortunate," Wentz said.

Why does Wentz think he has that effect on people?

"I don't really know. I'm a normal dude who has been blessed to play this game," he said. "Being from North Dakota, there are not a lot of things that come out of there nationally. I think it's a lot of North Dakota pride that comes out of it."

3. An Incredible Experience

The first Eagles Camp Open Practice kicked off with Military Appreciation Day! The cheerleaders were out and about interacting with fans and veterans all day long. Check out the photos...

Don't miss out on the final Open Practice this Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field as it is Kids Day!

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