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Vikings QB Joe Webb

On his first career start and playing in a nationally televised game: "It means a lot. I do want to give my teammates credit. They were behind me all the way through the game. Everyone kept telling me, they've got my back, they've got my back. I just wanted to make sure first, I took care of the ball and put my team in place to win."

On coming out in the second half and taking a long shot to extend the lead: "That was a big surprise. It was a big momentum gain for the offense. They come out there after halftime and make that big play. To get in the red zone right away, that was a big step. (WR) Percy (Harvin) did a great job getting down there to make that play."

On the third down conversion pass to WR Percy Harvin in the fourth quarter: "That was the biggest play of the game. You can break that third down and that pretty much set the tone. (RB) Adrian Peterson had that great run to get down to the one-yard line, but that play right there was the biggest play of the game. I believe that was the turning-point."

On getting into more of a groove as the game went on: "Yeah. I started getting in my rhythm. The coaches wanted to make sure I stayed confident in the pocket, so a couple plays they wanted to make sure I got a chance to get out on the edge. The receivers made great plays the whole game by making catches for me."

On whether his performance tonight ensures that he will remain the team's starting quarterback: "I'm just playing my game and just having fun with it. Whatever coach wants to do with me, that's his decision. All I can do is play and perform to the best of my ability."

On the amount of room in front of him on his touchdown run: "Yeah, I was kind of surprised. (TE Jeff) Dugan did a great job blocking the last guy, so I could get in the end zone. Everyone did a great job. The offensive line did a great job the whole night. The Eagles like to bring a lot of blitzes, so those guys did a great job picking up the blitzes so I could see down field."

On what the initial call was on the third down in the fourth quarter, which he converted following the Eagles timeout: "It was between two pass plays and they asked me what one I felt more comfortable on. I felt the play where I threw to (WR) Percy (Harvin), I was more comfortable with. The other play was one that I hadn't practiced that much, so Percy did a great job, the offensive line did a great job pitching that play—we executed it."

On whether (WR) Percy Harvin was his first read on the third down conversion in the fourth quarter:"Yeah, but not really. It depends on the coverage. But pre-snap, I knew they were blitzing and I saw Percy one-on-one. I pretty much waited for him to come open, and there he was."

On how big this win is, considering what the Vikings have gone through this season: "This is a big win, especially after what we've been going through the past couple days with being stuck in the hotel, the game moved back, so it's been a long trip already. Plus to come in here and get a win against a great Eagles team, a playoff team, number one in their division, that's a great victory for us. We just got to take the momentum and finish the season on a good note."

On his first start on the road in a tough environment and whether he was nervous at the start:"At the end of the day it's still football. I've been playing football all my life. You asked about the difference about coming on the road, it's all different scenarios, but at the end of the day it's still football. No fans can come on the field and control what happens, so you can have no fears and just be glad I play ball—and that's what I did."

On whether he's aware he wasn't supposed to play as well as he did in the second half (jokingly): "Yeah, I'm aware of that. The most things the coach was preaching in my ear was to take care of the ball, so as much and I wanted to be aggressive, I did what I had to do to take care of the ball. Like I said, if it wasn't for my team, this may have been a different outcome."

On the pride he takes as running quarterback and outplaying Eagles QB Michael Vick in the running game: "Michael Vick is a great player. I've been watching him ever since I was a little kid. Just to be on the same field as him is a blessing, but we went different ways. I don't look down on Michael Vick because of his performance tonight, because he's still a great player."

On whether he's going to let QB Brett Favre play on Sunday (jokingly):"If he wants to play, he can play, he's Brett Favre. Brett did a great job with me tonight too. He gave me tips on the sideline as he watched the game. I took those tips and ran with it."

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