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Vick's Offensive Teammates React To News

Riley Cooper was on the golf course when his girlfriend called after reading the news regarding Michael Vick's promotion on the Eagles website. Jason Avant didn't find out until early this morning when he arrived at the NovaCare Complex.

No matter how they found out, the skill position players who will work with Vick are happy for him and excited about the potential of the offense.

"He definitely took control of the huddle and the offense. He distributes the ball where it needs to go. That's the biggest thing," wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said. "Having him and his versatility on the field will definitely help us."

Vick's amazing athleticism has made him a marvel in video games that many of his teammates have played over the years. Now, Vick's teammates have been able to witness him combine that freakish ability with a presence in the pocket on the field. Cooper shared something that Vick said on Saturday night at the team hotel in Detroit.

"He likes putting the puzzle together," Cooper said of Vick's comment. "He wants to sit in the pocket and pick defenses apart."

Vick certainly did that on Sunday to the tune of 35 points. He led the team on five scoring drives - all touchdowns. Three of the drives were of 74 yards or longer. Three times the Eagles were in the red zone and they were successful each time.

"He's always been a special talent," Avant said. "He's been one of the players in time who has really changed the game with his legs and his ability to extend the play."

The Eagles are 1-1 with a road contest on the horizon this Sunday in Jacksonville. Now that head coach Andy Reid has made his decision regarding the starting quarterback, the players can focus on the task at hand - winning.

"It's the season now. We're just focused on Jacksonville," Avant said. "If we win that game, everyone's happy. I don't consider this a rebuilding year. That's something you guys (the media) made up. Whoever is out there, we're going to support him."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:57 p.m., September 22

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