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Vick Ready To Move Past His Football Life


Tonight at 9 PM, NFL Network presents a documentary about former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on the latest episode of the series called, A Football Life. Vick understands that his story will always include the abhorrent abuse of dogs that resulted in his imprisonment during his time with the Atlanta Falcons. A Football Life doesn't shy away from that and focus on all of the on-field achievements, though there are plenty. The documentary features an interview with PETA president Ingrid Newkirk, who questioned the sincerity of Vick's remorse coming out of prison, saying he was only trying to save his football career. Vick took her words to heart.

"I was remorseful. I was praying. I did have empathy and I still have it to this day," Vick said. "Once I got my contract from Philadelphia and I started playing, I didn't have to do the things that I did. I didn't have to go to schools. I didn't have to push certain laws to get passed to change animal rights and reframe positive rights for animal welfare. I didn't have to do those things, but I felt like it was a commitment that I made for myself, not to anybody else."

Click here or on the image below to read more of Vick's reaction to the documentary as well as a trailer. ![](

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