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Vick Ready For Regular Season

With wide receivers Steve Smith and Jeremy Maclin participating in their first practice of the 2011 season, Eagles fans everywhere are licking their chops. Perhaps nobody is more excited than quarterback Michael Vick.

""It's going to be great to have them out there," Vick said. "We'll be able to stretch the field and attack the opposition vertically and just try and make plays however we can. It's important that they complement DeSean Jackson and take some pressure off him as well."

One concern is that there won't be enough balls to go around with all the firepower this team has on offense. Vick, however, knows that too much talent is always a good problem to have.

"You just keep throwing the ball to everybody," Vick said. "When you get the opportunity, just catch the ball. I can't figure out right now what the distribution is going to be, but when your number's called, make the most of it."

In three preseason games this year, Vick is 19-of-36 for 219 yards with one touchdown against three interceptions. He also has 27 rushing yards and a touchdown. The Pro Bowl quarterback was ssked if he wanted an opportunity to go out and get a few final reps in the preseason finale against the Jets this Thursday. Vick was candid in his answer.

"No," he said flatly. "I've been playing this game for 10 years. Regular season, my attitude is 'Let's go.' Preseason not so much."

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