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Vick On His Future, Ed Block Award

Earlier today, Bloghead brought you Kevin Kolb's thoughts on the first day of the off-season conditioning program. But Kolb wasn't the only much-talked-about quarterback in attendance at the NovaCare Complex on Monday. Michael Vick took his reps in the weight room alongside Kolb and others and, following his workout, talked with about his off-season so far and his future in the NFL.

"The off-season was great," Vick said. I "didn't really have a long one, got back to working out probably two weeks (after) the season was over and just trying to get that edge back. I had a good time spending a lot of time with my family, with my son - I taught him how to ride a bike yesterday so I feel good."

Of course, Vick has come a long way in only year. Last year at this time, Vick was still incarcerated because of his involvement with dog-fighting.

"It's great to come back and have a chance to train in the off-season, with the off-season conditioning program with the guys," he said. "You know, last year I was stuck in prison and, you know, was dreaming about getting this shot. So I'm blessed to be here, blessed to have the opportunity."

As a result of the opportunity afforded to Vick by the Eagles, his teammates named him the recipient of the team's Ed Block Courage Award in 2009. Vick attended the banquet for the honor last week.

"Receiving the Ed Block Courage Award was great and once again I take my hat off to the Ed Block Association and for all my peers here in this building who voted for me for that award," Vick said. "It was just great. It was a great opportunity to go down to that area and see what the award was all about, spend some time at the courage houses and, you know, just relish the moment."

As for his future on the field, Vick has been a focal point of trade rumors all off-season long, though the Eagles maintain that there is a good chance that Vick, along with Kolb and Donovan McNabb, will return in 2010.

"The goal is just to stay team-oriented," Vick said. "Whether I'm here or somewhere else, the main objective is to win and I'm here to help us do that. If I get an opportunity to go somewhere else, play somewhere else, or have the opportunity to play here, I think it's great and I'll be well-prepared."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 9:00 p.m., March 15

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