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Vick Joins Eagles On Practice Field

On his first day on the practice field as a Philadelphia Eagle, Michael Vick looked happy to be back playing football.

Dressed in his red No. 7 jersey and long white sleeves, Vick worked on short passing routes and play-action routes to receivers out of the backfield to start Saturday afternoon's practice session. Vick was also sporting a darkened visor on his helmet and had a good rapport with Donovan McNabb.

McNabb and Vick warmed up together, throwing the ball back and forth while jogging in both directions and then circling around each other while A.J. Feeley and Adam DiMichele did the same.

Then Vick and the rest of the quarterbacks worked with the running backs and fullbacks on play action passes out of the backfield, and Vick connected on all four of his attempts throwing his passes at around 50% speed. His mechanics look to be the same that they were when he was in Atlanta with the same quick release and tight spiral.

After Vick's first rep with the running backs, McNabb gave Vick some advice about footwork. Then, following Vick's next rep, the two quarterbacks bumped fists.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 1:55 p.m., August 15

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