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Vick Earns Ed Block Courage Award, Talks Future

Quarterback Michael Vick was in Baltimore last night to receive the Ed Block Courage Award that was bestowed upon him by a unanimous vote of his teammates during the season.

Vick also reportedly earned a roster bonus on Tuesday which means that he remains a Philadelphia Eagle. Of course, the rumors regarding where he will play in 2010 have been constant. Head coach Andy Reid said last Friday that there's a "pretty good chance" that all three of the Eagles quarterbacks – Vick included - will be back next season.

"I don't know what the situation may be," Vick told *The Philadelphia Inquirer *last night. "As far as I know, I'm a Philadelphia Eagle, and I will continue to carry out the role that I've been playing, and, hopefully we'll see what happens."

Vick also did an interview Tuesday with ESPN Radio in St. Louis. The Rams have been one of the teams that are reportedly interested in acquiring Vick. The question is whether they still are after signing a former Eagle in A.J. Feeley to a two-year deal last Friday.

If the Rams made the move for Vick, he believes he could be a "difference-maker" for them.

"I think I can be the difference maker on any team, especially a team like the St. Louis Rams, who need a lot of help and will get it based on their ownership and the general manager they have who is a great guy and I know from Atlanta," Vick said per ESPN's Mike Sando. "I just think bringing the right pieces in, putting the right players in the proper positions and giving them the opportunity to win, I think premier players could turn any team around. Yeah, I'm confident I could do that."

The general manager of the Rams is Billy Devaney, who was an assistant general manager with the Falcons during Vick's tenure there.

"Me and Billy have a relationship that dates back to 2001-2002 and we were very close in Atlanta," Vick said. "We always talked, he always came and sat by me by my locker and he'd ask me what my thoughts were on certain things and we just always had open dialogue. I think the world of him, he's a great guy and he's been there for me throughout the last three years just communicating."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:50 a.m., March 10

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