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Veterans Arrive Ready For Training Camp

Gaither: Time To Build Chemistry

Omar Gaither is excited about the upcoming Eagles season, but it is safe to say that the third-year linebacker is not too amped up about the start of training camp.

At one point he said, "Show me a guy who likes training camp."

It is an exhausting process, but the time is absolutely necessary for him to work with fellow linebackers Stewart Bradley and Chris Gocong, along with the rest of the defense.

Stewart Bradley will be the signal caller on the field for the defense. He will also have the headset in his helmet to communicate with defensive coordinator Jim Johnson while he is on the field. That's a lot of responsibility for a player only in his second season.

Q: Keep On Truckin'

Quintin Mikell enters camp as the starting strong safety. At this point he does not worry about what anyone else is doing or thinks, he will just go out and continue the work ethic that got him recognized in the first place.

Lovin' The 30-And-Over Club

Tra Thomas wonders why Andy Reid didn't institute the "30-and-over" policy a few years ago. Thomas, now 33, has been with the Eagles since they drafted him in the first round in 1998. He thinks that the time off every third day will really help himself, Brian Dawkins and Jon Runyan.

Jon Runyan's here, too. He spent a few minutes talking to a throng of media about Andy Reid's "Over-30 Club." He'll be one of the beneficiaries.

"There's a limit to what your batteries have left," Runyan said, likening the program to rechargeable batteries.

Cole: Links And Arrows

Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole pulled up, wearing a "Cole Outdoors" shirt, which happens to be his aptly-titled outdoors company (see how he got the name The Hunter?) An interesting tidbit – Cole's laundry basket is topped off with a pair of camouflage Crocs. Comfort AND stealth. Incredible! He also showed off his Calloway golf clubs to Merrill Reese, who joked that he better get one more swing in before he gets into the swing of training camp.

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