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Tuesday Morning Practice Wrap

The Eagles held a somewhat condensed pads-on practice Tuesday morning as the team prepares for Friday night's preseason opener at Lincoln Financial Field against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here's a brief recap of what occurred on the field, courtesy of

"11 on 11s, thud, 1s v 1s: Hanson w/ a nice breakup down seam on pass to Avant ... Kolb w/ nice scramble to find McCoy for 1st down"

"2s now: Pope w/ nice press coverage on Cooper forces Vick incompletion ... Tapp with sack, beats Howard"

"Antoine Harris nice break on Kafka pass almost picks one intended for Washington, good protection by O-line."

"1s, O line picks up blitz perfectly, especially interior of Jean-Gilles, McGlynn Andrews. Kolb finds Celek on the run."

"Brandon Graham with his first training camp INT elicits big reaction from the crowd. Would have been a pick six."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 10:55 a.m., August 10

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