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Tuesday Morning Headlines

Good morning, Eagles fans. It's another cold day here in Philadelphia, but it's just one day closer to the start of the Eagles 2014 campaign. Get your morning started right with a balanced breakfast and your latest Eagles headlines ...

Bill Musgrave and Michael Clay join the Eagles coaching staff.

Bo Wulf and Adam Caplan discuss what Musgrave brings to the Eagles offense.

Darwin Walker looks back on what it was like to play in a Super Bowl.

Our Countdown to the Offseason Program highlights the only Eagle to catch a touchdown in Super Bowl XV.

Other Views

How Zach Ertz stacks up with the other tight ends in his draft class.

Is finding another quarterback a top priority for the Eagles?

If the Eagles look to draft a speed-rusher in the upcoming draft, two players from the Senior Bowl could be the answer.

How Chip Kelly's first season in Philadelphia compared to other Eagles head coaches.

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