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Tuesday Morning Headlines

It's another great day to be an Eagles fan. After having some time to rest up for the final five games of the season, the Eagles will be back on the practice fields today to get ready for a pivotal matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. Chip Kelly will speak at 11:40, Eagles Live! is back at noon, and until then, check out today's latest Eagles headlines ...

Five Things To Know for November 26.

Even with a bye, LeSean McCoy continues to lead the league in rushing.

In this week's Celebrity Corner, Gervase Peterson explains his love for the Eagles.

The Eagles are heading in the right direction, and you could be headed to One Direction.

Other Views

The Eagles control their own playoff hopes.

Don't predict a Super Bowl champ just yet. A lot can happen in the final five weeks.

The Eagles are ready to once again play in big games in December.

How big of a role has sports science played with the Eagles this season?

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