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Training Camp Update: Cornerback

Number On 53-Man Roster In 2008 Season Opener: 4

What We've Learned: Cornerback is arguably the most loaded position on the defense.

Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown form an extremely potent 1-2 punch on the left and right side. Ellis Hobbs arrived from New England as an experienced NFL starting cornerback and has played very well in camp thus far.

Those three are joined by Joselio Hanson, one of the better nickel corners in the league, who was locked up by the Eagles during the off-season. But the depth doesn't stop there. There are three cornerbacks in addition to the top four who all have made positive impressions in camp. Dimitri Patterson, a fourth-year veteran, has showed to be both tough and quick and is an experienced NFL special teamer. Jack Ikegwuonu, who missed his entire rookie 2008 season with an injured knee, has shown good instincts and coverage ability for a young player. And Trae Williams might lead all Eagles in interceptions during training camp. And that's not all, both Macho Harris and Byron Parker are being tried as cornerback/safety hybrids and have shown talent at both.

With the talent in the defensive backfield, it wouldn't be a surprise if the coaching staff kept a double digit-total of defensive backs on the roster.

Questions Remaining: How will Ellis Hobbs be incorporated into the defense? How many defensive backs can the Eagles actually keep? Who can prove to not only be a valuable asset on defense, but on special teams as well? How long before opposing announcers can properly pronounce Ikegwuonu (It's "eye-key-GWON-new")?

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:48 p.m., August 12

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