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Tony Pauline's Top 10 Guards

Tony Pauline from Sports Illustrated and offers comprehensive position-by-position rankings of the draft prospects for's draft coverage.

Here is my list of the top 10 guards as well as a link to my extensive list of all the guards I expect to be drafted. Later today, I'll delve into the offensive tackle position. Tomorrow, I'll shift the focus to the defense and concentrate on the line.

You can click on the player's name and get a detailed scouting report on each of the players I have ranked in the top 10.

Tony Pauline's Top 10 Guards
1Mike IupatiIdaho1st
2Mitch PetrusArkansas2nd-3rd
3Jon AsamoahIllinois3rd
4Marshall NewhouseTCU3rd-4th
5Mike JohnsonAlabama3rd-4th
6Shawn LauvaoArizona State3rd-4th
7Shelley SmithColorado State4th
8John JerryMississippi5th
9Brandon CarterTexas Tech6th
10Kurtis GregoryMissouri6th
*Grade refers to round player is expected to be drafted.
Click here for the list of all the guards I expect to be drafted.

-- Posted by Tony Pauline, 12:00 p.m., April 18

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