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Tony Pauline's Top 10 Centers

Tony Pauline from Sports Illustrated and offers comprehensive position-by-position rankings of the draft prospects for's draft coverage.

Here is my list of the top 10 centers. Later today, I'll delve into the guard and tackle positions along the offensive line. Tomorrow, I'll shift the focus to the defense and concentrate on the line.

You can click on the player's name and get a detailed scouting report.


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Tony Pauline's Top 10 Centers
Rank Name School Grade
1 Maurkice Pouncey Florida 1st
2 Matt Tennant Boston College 2nd
3 J.D. Walton Baylor 3rd
4 Theodore Larsen North Carolina State 3rd-4th
5 Eric Olsen Notre Dame 5th
6 John Estes Hawaii 7th
7 Sean Allen East Carolina Free Agent
8 Erik Cook New Mexico Free Agent
9 Daverin Geralds Mississippi Free Agent
10 Kenny Alfred Washington State Free Agent
*Grade refers to round player is expected to be drafted.