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The Read-Option: On To Detroit


The Eagles are already back to work preparing for their Thanksgiving game in Detroit. The team knows it has a number of issues to fix heading into the matchup with the Lions, especially after the performance on Sunday afternoon. With three days until the game, there is plenty of news to catch up on. Take a look at the November 23rd edition of the Read-Option for all the latest content ...

Quick Turnaround Good For Eagles - Alex Smith

"There's only one thing the Eagles can do after a 45-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – learn from it and move on.

The correctional period will be a short one, however, as the Eagles will be boarding a plane to Detroit on Wednesday before playing the Lions on Thanksgiving. In order to be prepared for Thursday, the Eagles will be back to practice on Monday, a day they usually have off. It's a very short turnaround, but as players in the locker room attested to, perhaps it's best that the focus has to shift ahead so abruptly.

'I'm so happy we have the short week,' linebacker Brandon Graham said after the game. 'I'm so happy because now I'm focused on the Lions. Today was one of those games where you're just like 'Wow, what happened?' We'll make the corrections tomorrow, but I'm so happy we have a short week. We've got to go to Detroit and win on Thanksgiving to get this bad taste out of our mouths.'

'It definitely helps because you get this corrected, get the mistakes cleaned up and just get ready for Detroit,' added nose tackle Bennie Logan. 'After a loss this embarrassing, it's good to have a short week so you can't have the whole week to dwell on it.'"

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Defense Falls Apart In Lopsided Defeat - Dave Spadaro

"There isn't any time for hanging heads, that's for certain. The Eagles are back at work on Monday and on the road on Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving game against Detroit, which has won its last two games. The run defense has allowed six teams to gain more than 100 yards – Carolina really gashed the defense with 204 yards in a win a month ago – and has had trouble on third downs for much of the season. There isn't a lot of time to tweak the scheme or change the personnel on a short week.

Improvement is going to have to come from players looking in the mirror and picking their games up a notch.

'We have a lot of pride in this locker room and this is something we can't have,' Graham said. 'We're going to find out about the character of this team this week. I think we're going to come out and play hard and play a great game against Detroit.'

'After this one, it's just embarrassing,' safety Malcolm Jenkins said. 'Guys are always upset with losing, but to come out and play in the fashion we did is just unacceptable. We are who are record says we are. Let's not get that twisted now. Who we believe we are as individuals and as a team is yet to be defined until our season is over. But, you are what you put on tape every week. A lot of us are going to have to turn on the tape and watch that and swallow that pill. The good thing is that we can always change that next week.'

Sunday wasn't one to remember. Fortunately, the Eagles won't have long to think about it. Attention turns to Detroit and a travel game on a very short week. Can the Eagles pull it together and get back on track and find a way to win?"

Flying High: Mike Trout

Other Views

Eagles' Jason Peters Feeling OK - Les Bowen, Daily News

"Afterward, the magnitude of the loss seemed to make Peters reluctant to discuss his back problem, which had kept him sidelined since he left the Oct. 25 loss at Carolina.

'I felt OK. We got down so much. Ain't nothing you can do when you get down 40-something to 17 . . . It just kinda got worse at the end. I just kinda took myself out. I didn't want to get hurt worse,' Peters said.

Asked about last week's confusion, when Chip Kelly told reporters Peters wouldn't practice on Thursday and then Peters practiced, Peters said: 'It's how I feel . . . Miscommunication. It ain't nothing major.'

Pressed for details on what's going on with his chronic problem, which involves nerve pain weakening his quadriceps, Peters said: 'The question is, we lost. It ain't got nothing to do with my back. My back didn't make us lose today.'

Asked if he thinks he can be healthy the rest of the way, Peters, who turns 34 in January, said: 'I'm going to fight. I went out there today to fight. I'm trying to win, no matter what I've got to do, I'm going to go out there and do what I can to help us.'"

"You never want to make too much of a game, good or bad. A big win today wouldn't have helped with Thursday's game. A bad loss can be put aside if the team is able to compartmentalize. Will this team do that? I have no idea.

I realize that part of the anger with this team goes beyond today. Last week was a bad loss as well. The whole season has been sloppy and very frustrating. Still, we're in the middle of the season. There aren't any big moves that are going to magically fix major problems.

The Eagles have to focus on fixing the problems that they can. Venting is fine for fans and the media, but Kelly, his coaching staff and the players need to get ready for Thursday. Learn what you can from the Bucs game and move on to the Lions.

I know plenty of people are now saying the season is over. It isn't. There are 6 games left to go. I'm not here to preach to you about what can happen. My point is that the team has to keep grinding. There are only 16 games in a season. The team isn't out of it until they are mathematically eliminated. And even then the team has to keep doing everything they can to win."

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