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The Read-Option: A Disappointing Defeat


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Good afternoon, Eagles fans. The team has the day off from practice following their Sunday afternoon game against Miami, but that's doesn't mean there isn't news to catch up on. Take a look at the top content from around the web in the November 16th edition of The Read-Option …

Mountain Of Mistakes Leads To Defeat – Dave Spadaro

"The Eagles outgained Miami 436 yards to 289 yards. They piled up 29 first downs. They were 7-of-18 on third downs and they averaged 6.8 yards per passing attempt. Heck, the Eagles even controlled the football for 31:07.

It added up to hollow numbers. A loss. A horrible way to open the second half of the season. They let a very winnable game go because they lost at the line of scrimmage, they allowed their quarterback to take a beating, they were an ineffective 2-of-5 in the red zone and they never took the football away from Miami's offense.

And while the defense was effective at times, limiting Miami to 289 total net yards and 15 first downs and scoring the early safety, it couldn't get the stop it needed at the end.

'We didn't play well enough,' defensive coordinator Bill Davis said. 'You're judged by wins and losses in this league and we lost the game. That's the bottom line. That's what matters. We didn't get it done today.'

Next up is Tampa Bay, which had a thrilling come-from-behind win over Dallas on Sunday. Who plays quarterback? How do the Eagles bounce back emotionally? What happens with running back Ryan Mathews, who gained 18 rushing yards on eight carries before leaving the game with a concussion? Can the offensive line find some stable footing?

Most of all, what are the Eagles going to do with the final seven games of this regular season? Can they get to a high level and stay there for an extended period of time?

That's all there was at the end of an empty football day for the Eagles on Sunday. Questions. Plenty of them. Up and down and all around after a tough-to-digest loss in a game the Eagles had no business losing."

Tweet Of The Day

As part of the #EaglesSalute efforts on Sunday, Army Sergeant Rose, paralyzed in Afghanistan, rose to his feet and walked in front of the Lincoln Financial Field crowd, providing a truly powerful moment ...

The Eagles returned home to face the Dolphins in Week 10 of the regular season. View the full gallery here...

Sanchez Again Ready For His Chance – Alex Smith

"Back in Week 9 of the 2014 season, quarterback Mark Sanchez entered the Eagles game in Houston after Nick Foles left with an injury. On that day, Sanchez helped lead the Eagles to a 31-21 victory on the road over the Texans. The circumstances were a bit different today, but Sanchez was once again called into action late in the third quarter after Sam Bradford left the game. This time, however, Sanchez's efforts weren't enough, as the Eagles fell to the Miami Dolphins 20-19.

'You've got to be ready every week,' Sanchez said after the game. 'You never want to see a teammate go down. That's never the circumstance that you want in which you want to play, but when you do get a chance to play you have to make the most of it, and that's what I was trying to do.'

Sanchez put up some strong numbers upon entering the game, completing 14 of his 23 passes for 156 yards. He led the Eagles down the field on a number of possessions, but a few missed opportunities prevented the Eagles from punching the ball into the end zone.

'I'm in charge of the job, just like anybody else, whether you get the reps in practice or not' Sanchez said. 'There should be a seamless transition. I thought at times there (was). At other times, can (the receivers and I) get a little more familiar? Sure. Is it only going to get better with repetition and practice? Of course, but the point was to just get in and win the game, and unfortunately that didn't happen, but we've got a long season ahead of us. We just have to get ready to play.'"

Highlights From Dolphins Vs. Eagles

Other Views

Self-Inflicted Wounds Doom Eagles – Les Bowen, Daily News

"The Eagles, who outgained the now-4-5 Dolphins 436 yards to 289, lost because of Sanchez's pick. And because Caleb Sturgis missed a 32-yard second-quarter field goal that seemed to stall their momentum. And because they allowed their second blocked punt of the season, this one leading directly to a Miami touchdown. And because the secondary didn't realize Connor Barwin had volleyed a Ryan Tannehill pass in the air, on the first snap of the fourth quarter, which should have allowed Malcolm Jenkins to level Jarvis Landry immediately, instead of helplessly bear-hugging him in the end zone as the blocked pass settled in Landry's arms for the winning points. And because the Birds twice seemed to have scored a fourth-quarter touchdown but saw it not count both times - once because Miles Austin didn't seem to make any great effort to get both feet down in the back of the end zone, and again when Riley Cooper turned out not to have been set when the ball was snapped, before Sanchez hit a wide-open Zach Ertz in the end zone.

The confused Dolphins actually had 12 defenders on the field on the Ertz play and gave up the TD anyway, except, thanks to Cooper, they didn't.

'It was completely, completely my fault,' Cooper said.

It's hard to score the same touchdown three times, and the Eagles didn't, settling for a 37-yard Sturgis field goal with 10:20 left.'"

Kelly: 'We Didn't Play Smart', Adam Hermann, Birds 24/7

Kelly didn't think his team played a smart enough game to win, and then they didn't.

"We had too many penalties that I think negated big gains for us," Kelly said, visibly frustrated by the abundance of flags. "A lot of them -- I think there were only seven of them, when you look at the game sheet, but there were a lot of them that were offsetting. We obviously had more of them. We had way too many penalties on the offensive side of the ball."

Kelly was right; the Eagles only had seven penalties for 54 yards according to the final game summary, four of which were called on the offense.

They also had three penalties declined, and two penalties that were offsetting, including the most costly one of the evening, an illegal shift called against Riley Cooper which negated a Mark Sanchez touchdown pass to Zach Ertz that would have given the Eagles the lead late in the fourth quarter.

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