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Jake Elliott: Another big moment in time?

Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott

Placekicker Jake Elliott had himself quite a Super Bowl LII – he made three field goals, including a 46-yarder with 1 minute, 4 seconds remaining on the clock to give the Eagles a 41-33 lead, the final score, eventually, of course.

His second time around is charted territory, and there is comfort with having that experience.

"It's definitely nice knowing what to expect a little bit," he said. "There is a lot of uncertainty and distractions in the week leading up to the game, but I think knowing that there will be uncertainty and distractions involved offers some calm. Being through it, you just know what to expect that lets me breathe easy."

It is a long, long week and as Elliott said, "you just have to remember that ball is the most important part of this trip. You have to lock in like every other week."

One of the uncertainties involves the holder on Elliott's kicks. Will it be Brett Kern, who has handled the punting and holding duties since Arryn Siposs was injured late in the season, or will Siposs return now that his 21-day practice window is open and he says he feels great?

That's not an issue for Elliott.

"Luckily for me, I've had an operation with both of them for quite some time, so I'm real comfortable with either decision and I know both of those guys will be ready to go," Elliott said.

Could it come down to another late-game kick? Is this something Elliott thinks about, dreams about?

"Obviously, that's a dream situation, but I don't ever think about a game that way," he said. "I just let a game come to me, whatever kicks present themselves, present themselves. We'll just play it like every other week."

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