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Sunday Morning Practice Recap

The Eagles wrapped up their Sunday morning practice, the second of training camp to feature full contact, and it was highlighted by an interesting twist at the linebacker position. Akeem Jordan took the first-team reps at SAM linebacker, while Moise Fokou worked with the second team. Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott said that he's just promoting competition and that nothing is set at the SAM spot. More to come on that story in Bloghead later today.

The other news of the morning was the status of wide receiver DeSean Jackson and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, who both sat out the morning session. The Eagles announced after practice that both players are day to day, Jackson with a low back strain and Stewart Bradley with hamstring spasms. Neither is considered serious.

To find out what transpired between the lines, check out the recap from our Eagles Insider twitter below.

"Good morning, everyone ... RB Eldra Buckley first on practice field this morning followed by DE Ricky Sapp"

"JJ Arrington will wear no. 33 and Tracy White will wear no. 57"

"Arrington coming out to the practice field for the first time as an Eagle."

"Arrington not working w/ KOR yet. Hobbs, Demps, Macho Chad Hall"

"Former defensive line coach Tommy Brasher checking out practice with former DE Hugh Douglas"

"WR/DB 1v1: Maclin gets past Hobbs but Kafka overthrows him ... Avant beats Asante on slant"

"Baskett gets inside Patterson ... Collins w a quick move at the line to beat Hanson deep"

"Washington good position beats Macho on slant ... Pender jams Hall inside, probably beyond 5 yards though. Hall gets 2nd effort."

"Lindley with great deep D on Maclin, step for step and knocks down pass. But Asante tell him "catch that pick and that's a million dollars""

"Washington closes it out getting good inside deep position vs. Patterson"

"Full 11 on 11 live now, McCoy breaks Chaney tackle for big gain. 1o vs. 2d, Fokou 2nd team SAM right now, Chaney MIKE, White WILL"

"Working 4 minute offense ... D with 2 stops, Laws Dixon getting good push up middle"

"Now to 1D/2O: Vick with big bootleg scramble, nice downfield block by Cooper"

"Vick to Harbor for medium gain, but Jordan with a big hit, Gaither in on the tackle too."

"Scott just broke 2 tackls and carried 2 more for the first down. Very strong. 3s on 3s btw."

"Back to 1o/2d, Kolb tries Maclin deep, just overthrows diving 18 ... Coleman with a sure tackle on juking McCoy."

"Kolb hits Baskett on an out, goes low for catch and gets up quick for extra yards. Beat Patterson."

"False start on MJG ... Nice coverage by Fokou on Celek, holds to a very short gain. Interested to see what McD says about SAM post practice."

"2o/1d: Cole stops Bell for very short gain ... Bunk helps stop Bell short of 1st, Q in on tackle as well"

"Buckley w/ very nice run wide left, looks faster than last year"

"Stoned at the line next play, Te'o, Owens and Robinson clog middle."

"Jamar Chaney flies into backfield to pull Arrington draw down for significant loss to close out live period. Special teams now."

"7 on 7: Maclin finds hole in coverage, Kolb hits him in chest for 20 yd gain. 1s vs. 1s here"

"Macho step for step deep down left sideline with Washington, Vick overthrows both by a little."

"Kafka with nice look off to free Scott from defender for would-be 10 yd gain."

"Baskett gets free from Asante for 15-20 yd gain, Kolb hits him between the numbers."

"Back live: Shady w gain of 9 off left side ... Kolb audibles to run, big run from Shady, nice seal from Justice."

"Kolb had Avant free deep for a TD after broke from Hanson Coleman. Off Avant's diving fingertips."

"Draw to McCoy for gain of 4 ... Kolb flushed right, finds Cooper at last second for 1st down. Nicely done."

"2nd and 7 from 27: Nice coverage, off McCoy's hands on dumpoff. Here comes 3rd ..."

"Blitz comes and Kolb finds uncovered McCoy short who runs in for TD. Great downfield block from Baskett."

"2o/1d: Vick find Hall for gain of 7 on 1st, Bell with nice pass block ... Bell up middle for gain of 1, 3rd and 2 coming up."

"Bell stopped short, nice by Bunk Patt. Here comes 4th inches: Stopped short! Big stand, lots of penetration. Impressive."

"3s now: Kafka incomplete to Collins on right sideline ... Nice run by Buckley, gains the first off right side."

"Buckley gains 3 ... Howard stones Moncur in pass pro, Kafka dumps to Buckley who breaks another tackle."

"3rd and 1 play action to Harbor for 1st down and more ... Arrington no gain on 1st"

"Kafka to wide open Chad Hall for first down, thrown down by A. Harris"

"1st 10 from 20: Kafka to Harbor for 5, then piles moves, gain of 8 ... Arrington gains 1st."

"1st goal from 10: Arrington for 1 ... 2nd: Kafka sacked. Here comes 3rd and goal from 14 ... Macho bats down a pass to Washington."

"Special teams now, that should do it for practice. Stay tuned for McDermott press conference and player interviews."

"Low back strain for DeSean ... day to day ... hamstring spasm for Bradley, he's day to day"

"McDermott not concerned about Bradley's injury"

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 11:15 a.m., August 1

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