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Staying On Top Of Maclin Story

What is the latest with the status of Jeremy Maclin? Well, I'm sitting here at my desk at the NovaCare Complex late in the afternoon and I'm waiting, just like you. I am certain that both the Eagles and Maclin's representatives are trying to get a deal done. I also understand that only three first-round draft picks have signed (Pittsburgh has its first-round pick in an "agreed-to-terms" status), and quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez were done very quickly. Only Cleveland's Alex Mack, the 21st pick in the draft, was signed recently.

Mack's deal may actually help the Eagles, given that he was taken only two picks after Maclin. At this point, of course, urgency is the key word for both sides. The Eagles have seven of their eight draft picks signed. Maclin is the only one remaining, and while there is optimism that a deal will be completed before the rookies and selected veterans meet on Sunday evening at Lehigh, time is ticking.

*-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 3:51 p.m., July 25

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