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Sproles Optimistic About Status Vs. Arizona

Running back Darren Sproles was back out on the field Tuesday following the team's bye week. Sproles was injured during the Giants game when his leg was bent back awkwardly and he sprained his MCL. He missed the majority of the second half of that game due to that play.

He spent his bye week rehabbing and getting ready in the hope that he would be able to practice, and his dream came true when he strapped on the pads went out to practice this afternoon. After practice he stated that he "felt good out there" and that he was starting to feel like his own self when asked about the MCL.

This is great news to not only the Eagles and the fans, but also for Sproles himself as he admitted that he was scared when it happened.

"I thought it was bad and that's why I was mad (when walking off the field)," he said.

He was also nervous the entire night while he waited for his MRI the following morning. Relief was the word that Sproles used when he heard of the MRI results. The initial observation was not nearly as positive.

"When I was on the field, they thought my knee was bad by the way that it was moving," he said.

A brace was utilized during Tuesday's training session by Sproles for the first time in his career. He mentioned that it did not hinder his movement to a great degree.

As to whether or not he would play this week, Sproles chuckled and said, "If I feel the way I did today, then yeah, but that decision is up to the coach." To elaborate more on that, Sproles said that he was able "to do some stuff out there help me back a little bit and to get me going again."

"He's a very strong-willed individual," running back Chris Polk said. "Darren was out there today and he was moving around. I thought he looked really good, but it's all about how he feels, and no one knows how he feels, except him."

One of the key determining factors will be if Sproles can practice with contact because that will truly test the stability of his knee.

In his first year with the Eagles, Sproles has been electric winning both the NFC Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Week Awards. He has five plays of 40 yards or more and is one of just seven players in the league with two receptions of 50 yards or more. He has four total touchdowns on the year - three as a rusher and one via punt return.

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