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Sporting News On Possible Vick Landing Spots

Without a doubt, the hot topic of the Eagles' off-season has been the status of their three quarterbacks. Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick are all considered starting caliber NFL quarterbacks and all three of their contracts expire at the close of the 2010 season. Because of that, rumors have abounded about trade possibilities for all three men. But who exactly would be a willing trade partner with the Eagles?

Clifton Brown of The Sporting News took a look at what other NFL teams could be suitors for Vick. In 2009, Vick was used mainly as a short-yardage rushing threat, but he showed in his few pass attempts that he's ready to play the quarterback position again. Vick has said that he would be happy to return to Philadelphia, but that ultimately he hopes to start. With that in mind, Brown outlined the following possible destinations for Vick.

St. Louis Rams- Brown argues that the Rams are perhaps the best fit for Vick. The Rams are indeed in need of a quarterback, and a domed stadium would present some familiarity for Vick. In addition, Brown says, Vick wouldn't have to carry the offense because the Rams already have Steven Jackson, one of the league's best rushers.

Buffalo Bills - The quarterbacks currently on the Bills roster are Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick, neither of whom is a surefire starter at this point in his career. Brown points out that Vick could help the Bills offense because his elusiveness and big-play ability are more necessary behind a questionable offensive line.

Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell has shown little promise of future success in his three years in Oakland so far. If the Raiders are ready to move on behind center, Vick could be an intriguing option for Raiders owner Al Davis. "Davis loves guys who can run and quarterbacks who can throw deep," Brown writes. "Vick does both."

Carolina Panthers- After Jake Delhomme was replaced by Matt Moore mid-season, the Panthers appear to be looking for a long-term solution at quarterback. Brown says that a backfield with the rushing prowess of DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Vick would be dynamic.

Arizona Cardinals- Brown acknowledges that the Cardinals view Matt Leinart as their new quarterback, but he says that Arizona still needs to bring in veteran insurance. "If Leinart is injured or is not ready to be a full-time starter, can current backup Brian St. Pierre pick up the slack?" Brown writes. "Having Vick could make the difference between winning the NFC West, or not."

Of course, there could always be a wild card team that no one expects to present the Eagles with an offer they can't refuse. After all, nobody expected the Eagles to sign Vick in the first place. And then there's always the possibility that Vick could remain with the Eagles for the 2010 season. The Eagles have already shown that they can find creative ways to use the multi-talented quarterback, imagine what a full off-season of scheming could produce.

To read Brown's full story, click here.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 6:01 p.m., February 12

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