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Spadaro: The Eagles are in Arizona to win it all!

Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro
Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro

PHOENIX – They are now quietly housed in the team hotel that has been meticulously arranged to mimic the NovaCare Complex as completely as possible. There are meeting rooms for each position group and larger areas for team gatherings. The dining room is complete and spacious. Every logistical challenge has been met, right down to the Eagles-branded cornhole games and the pop-a-shot area and the table tennis space. Hey, there is even a dedicated channel on the hotel television system that plays various versions of the Eagles' fight song, including the Philadelphia Orchestra's live rendition, the cartoon played at Lincoln Financial Field after touchdowns, and the more generic, but every bit as peppy piece, with audio and words only.

Very cool and it is a reminder the every single person here is feeling the same thing: "Let's goooooooooo!"

This is a road trip, a business trip of the highest order, and Sunday was the transition day from the frenzied and fabulous scenes throughout the region – most specifically the Eagles Send Off Party Driven by AAA at Lincoln Financial Field in the morning that attracted more than 8,000 amazing fans who came out just for the chance to say hello to the team captains, Head Coach Nick Sirianni, and General Manager Howie Roseman and bid them a hearty "E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!" go-win message prior to the team boarding buses at the NovaCare Complex and caravanning to the airport for the trip here.

It is a remote setup now for the week to come, other than the media frenzy the Eagles will see starting with Monday's Opening Night. Make no mistake, the Eagles are here with a purpose, and so every bit of work that has gone into this enormous product to keep the team focused and to eliminate distractions and to prepare to play their best football game of the season because, everyone understands, the Eagles are going to need that kind of performance to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, the AFC's No. 1 seed that, like the Eagles, has won 16 of 19 games this season and enters Super Bowl LVII week with the experience of three Super Bowl appearances in the last four years.

Let the week begin!

Before leaving Philadelphia, thousands of fans showered the team with love and support at the Sendoff Party. After the party, the team arrived in Arizona on Sunday afternoon as the next phase of Super Bowl preparations are underway!

"It comes down to how you prepare. Don't cut corners and make sure you detail your work," linebacker T.J. Edwards said. "We know what kind of team we're facing and we know what this game means. Our goal is to win the Super Bowl. That's been the case all year, since we started seven months ago, and we're here to complete that mission."

There isn't much to tell about the Eagles that you don't already know. They come into the game as healthy as you could imagine a team being after 19 games, and they have been freshened by a schedule that has seen them home since arriving back from Dallas in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Sunday's travel was smooth, the players and coaches all had their luggage waiting for them in their room (the team sent out its personal luggage a few days earlier) and the stress of moving an entire team across the country was minimal.

The energy, however, was not. And is not. The Eagles are fired up for this moment.

"It's everything we've played for and worked for," running back Miles Sanders said. "It's a great team thing. We came together early in the season and we just got closer and closer. We're going to have a great week of practice and go out and play our game. That's what we're here to do."

Said defensive tackle Linval Joseph, who has been with the Eagles since mid-November: "It's chemistry, it's leadership. I've been on talented teams that haven't reached this level. Something goes wrong and a season just takes a turn for the worse and you can't get it back. We had a couple of bumps, some injuries, two losses in a row late in the season, and it didn't faze us. We just brushed it off. This team believes in playing team football, in being unselfish. The only thing that matters is winning games and winning the Super Bowl. And that's what we are here to do."

The long week is underway in Arizona. Every day is scripted with mostly the same schedule as in South Philadelphia. The routine stays the same and so does the purpose: Reaching the Super Bowl isn't enough. The Eagles are here to win it all.

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