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2024 Schedule Release

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Spadaro: Eagles add more toys for new Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio 

Quinyon Mitchell repping Midnight Green!
Quinyon Mitchell repping Midnight Green!

Get younger. Plan for succession. Add players who can run and who were productive in college and who were leaders on and off the field and if that takes hopping around the 2024 NFL Draft on its second night, so be it. Because that's exactly what Howie Roseman did, trading up in the second round to select Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean, a first-team All-American player last season, and then moving back twice in the third round and taking edge player Jalyx Hunt – who had an incredible journey starting at Cornell and finishing his college career at Houston Christian University, losing one full season to COVID amid that college pathway – with the No. 94 pick overall.

With that, the Eagles have seven picks to make – as of now in the earn-your-money rounds of four through seven.

What has the team accomplished through nights one and two? They addressed the defensive backfield with Quinyon Mitchell at No. 22 overall and then came back with the move upward in Round 2 to take DeJean, a player universally projected to go in the first round.

But he was there at No. 40 overall and Roseman went up and got him and the Eagles have suddenly infused their secondary with a pair of players who were outstanding in college, who have abilities to allow new Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio some scheme flexibility, and who certainly make the depth chart oh, so interesting.

Mitchell's strengths are many, and it's going to be fun to see how the Eagles work him into a crowded and talented cornerback group in this 2024 season. DeJean has the skill set to be used in many ways, so Fangio can decide if he competes as an outside corner, slot corner, or as a safety, or in some hybrid role. He's listed as a defensive back, a compliment to his projected ability to play in a number of spots and add athleticism and ball-hawking instincts to a secondary that has been addressed heavily in this offseason – all for the good.

The Eagles are much faster, more athletic, younger, and talented in the secondary moving forward. They didn't take the football away enough last season; improving that number is clearly a focus for the team and a theme for the first two rounds of this draft.

Then the Eagles moved back a couple of times in Round 3 and came away with Hunt, who joins the party on the edge and is, really, in the perfect situation. He oozes with pass-rushing skills, has a long body at 6-4 and 250-plus pounds that can add some bulk, and can continue to develop behind the likes of Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, Bryce Huff, Nolan Smith, and others.

From first-round pick CB Quinyon Mitchell at No. 22 overall to G/C Dylan McMahon to close out the Eagles' 2024 NFL Draft in the sixth round, check out these photos of all nine selections.

Defense has been the focus for the first two nights of the NFL Draft. What is to come? The Eagles have some draft capital here and they have some areas they want to address, for sure. They are in a position where they don't have to reach, but certainly they want to challenge the roster and they want to add players who can help the team in 2024 and in the seasons ahead.

It has been an interesting two nights and very much on point of what most thought going in: The Eagles had a plan to stay true to their draft board and, as it turned out, bring in some players who can help the defense in a variety of ways.

This defense is fortified with the additions of Mitchell, DeJean, and Hunt, but is not yet finished. The opening nights gain most of the attention from the fans and media, but it's often the final day that brings on board the special sauce, and with six picks, the Eagles are armed to go in any direction they want, knowing they don't have to reach and that they hold a favorable hand.

In two nights, the Eagles' defense got a lot younger, more athletic, deeper in talent. All three of the newest Eagles have veterans in front of them who are here to help the rookies contribute and to help the team win and that is a very positive step for a team with the highest aspirations for 2024.

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