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Sheldon Over Pro Bowl Snub; Focused On Cowboys

The NFC Pro Bowl squad was announced on Tuesday evening. It had the name of an Eagles cornerback on it. It wasn't, however, Sheldon Brown's.

Brown's numbers would certainly quantify a trip to Miami. He has five interceptions, which ties his career high. He has two touchdowns - one on an interception return, the other on a fumble return.

Then there are the aspects of Brown's game that aren't as quantifiable. He has not missed a game in his eight-year NFL career. That doesn't mean has hasn't been injured. He battled through a hamstring injury earlier this year that likely would have kept most players out. He suffered an ankle sprain in last Sunday's win over Denver only to return a few plays later.

And Brown does more than just cover. He brings a physical element to the Eagles defense. Just ask Brandon Marshall.

If you think Brown's omission from the Pro Bowl is going to spark a fiery rant, think again. That isn't his style.

"That's something that doesn't really matter. It's something that I don't have control over," Brown said. "The only thing I can do is continue to play and that's what I do."

Brown understood the perception that because he had three interceptions in the first four games of the season this would be his most deserving year to go. Brown disagrees.

"I think everybody's saying that because I had the picks early on, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's my best year," Brown said. "I've felt that I've had other Pro Bowl years too and didn't make it."

And once again you'd be wrong if you think that this diss will inspire Brown. This week, the Eagles take on the Cowboys and we all know what's on the line. In the first meeting, we all know what happened. Miles Austin did nothing all game until he used a double move to get past Brown for the 49-yard game-winning score.

"If you give up a slant-and-go for a touchdown, that has nothing to do with the next game," Brown said. "I don't really look forward to rematches. I look forward to the football team playing well. There are no one-on-one battles in this game."

Brown's coaches have stumped for the veteran cornerback to get his Pro Bowl due. He'll have to settle for a playoff run and a chance to be immortal in the eyes of Eagles fans.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:55 p.m., December 30

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