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Sheldon: Do You Want Your Child Crucified?

Cornerback Sheldon Brown is a staunch supporter of the Eagles signing quarterback Michael Vick. In fact, he's proud of the organization for making the move.

And he believes that Vick is a person who will "lead by example." Part of his reasoning is the nature of the very game that they play in. Brown doesn't allow a touchdown for an entire regular season - as he did in 2008 - but he gets burned by Larry Fitzgerald in the NFC Championship game and the perception is that he stinks. The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league. Therefore, Brown can only look towards the future and have faith that Vick will be everything that he proclaimed he would be in his press conference Friday.

But Brown brought up another reason for forgiving Vick. He turned around in his locker stall and pointed to the picture of his kids Sheldon Jr. and Simone.

"The thing you always have to think about when individuals are involved is it's someone's child. Period," Brown said. "How would you want someone to treat your child? Don't you want someone to give your child a second chance or opportunity or do you want to somebody to crucify your child? I have children of my own and if they make a mistake I'm going to give them a second, my kids I'm going to give them a third chance. Don't look at him as a professional athlete. We get dressed the same way everybody else does. We're all human. Give the guy a chance.

"He did his time. Let's get over it and move on."

On a side note, Brown suffered a rib injury during Saturday afternoon's practice. Brown broke up a pass intended for Kevin Curtis in the back of the end zone and had to be helped by the training staff. Brown left the field to undergo X-rays. The results will be announced tomorrow.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:38 p.m., August 15

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