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Saturday Morning Practice Recap

The Eagles wrapped up an eventful Saturday morning practice with a "live" session in which the players got to play full-contact football for the first time this year. Find out why Stewart Bradley, DeSean Jackson, Trent Cole and Ellis Hobs were among the notable players from the morning session in the recap courtesy of


"Just call OT Jeraill McCuller "The Early Bird." Second day in a row he's the first Eagle on the field, followed by Eldra Buckley."

"Brandon Graham coming out to practice, in pads for the first time in his Eagles career."

"DeSean running out to applause from the fans."

"Fans applaud Macho Harris knocking pad off tackling sled."

"76 players out practicing means everyones accounted for. 3 PUP guys JJ Arrington in transit."

"It is evident Dick Jauron working on the fundamentals of tackling with the DBs."

"Coach Zordich working with the DBs on getting picks ..."

"Offensive group install ... Jean-Gilles @ left guard for injured Herremans."

"Oh, the screen pass ... what a thing of beauty in this offense."

"Guy to watch here with pads on ... WR Chad Hall. He loves that people doubt him because of his size."

"Video tower going up ... the good stuff should be coming soon."

" has learned that the Eagles have agreed to terms with WR Kelley Washington, who worked out for the team earlier this week."

"A little VTech on VTech action ... DE Tapp bumps QB Vick in team drill, QBs have red jerseys"

"Play of the day candidate ... Kolb to DeSean deep down right sideline for TD. Elicits roar from crowd."

"Kafka threads ball into tight window for WR Hall in the slot."

"Bradley picks off Kolb pass intended for Maclin ... Hobbs great coverage on Maclin"

"Who says Kolb can't scramble? Shows elusiveness escaping rush for big gain."

"Beautiful pass from Vick to Baskett down left sideline. Good blanket coverage by Harris, just perfect pitch and catch"

"Special teams underway ... 2 FG drills @ same time."

"1st team FG unit right now: Ingram Peters Dunlap Jean-Gilles Dorenbos N. Cole Andrews Justice Celek Rocca Akers."

"1st team FG block: Patterson, Sims, Tapp, Laws, Dixon, T. Cole, Parker, Bradley, Demps, Hanson Baskett"

"Special teams already working on game situation ... No time outs and need to rush FG unit on field for attempt."

"Hobbs and Riley Cooper in first fight of camp"

"OL/DL 1v1, working on silent count: Graham beats Justice w nice move ... Laws beats Andrews ... Owens pushes into backfield v. Cole"

"Hobbs came to sideline ... asked if he was within five yards ... told he wasn't ... laughs since he knows why Cooper came after him."

"Stacy comes back nicely v. Patterson ... Howard does well to contain Sapp ... Parker 2nd effort beats Dunlap ... Owens moves Reynolds back"

"McGlynn great job v. Robinson ... Tupou puts Dixon the ground and really fires up Juan Castillo"

"Howard continues to impress, stoning Moncur ... Shipley does best job v. Owens yet ... Robinson swims right past Duncan"

"Castillo congartulates Howard fopr job well done v. Cole but Trent thinks he won the battle ... Graham right past Reynolds"

"Baskett great stretched out grab over middle ... Samuel can't knock away ... Kolb was QB"

"WOW big fight between Te'o-Nesheim and McCuller, everyone gets into pile. Love the intensity."

"McCuller actually won the matchup, Te'o never stops his effort though."

"Kafka threads ball nicely into end zone for Jared Perry on post only where he could get it ... CB Lindley on coverage"

"Live full teams now. 2O v. 1D - Bell stoned at line by T Cole among others"

"Bell bursts thru left side for gain but Allen with a picture perfect fundamental tackle."

"1O vs. 2D now: Nice job by Dixon and Laws to plud middle and help stop McCoy"

"Good defensive pursuit by Jordan and Gaither to stop McCoy on run left for short gain."

"Stacy Andrews opens hole for McCoy nice gain."

"Great coverage in secondary forces Kolb to run. Throws a stiff arm to Coleman much to crowd's delight."

"3s on 3s: Te'o bursts through line to stop Scott for a loss ... Then Scott with a great move in backfield to lose defender gain about 8"

"Back to 2O/1D: Play Action roll out for Vick, hits Baskett for solid gain."

"Hobbs breaks up Vick rolling left pass to Cooper and busts out a mid-season form dance. Great shimy"

"1O/2D: Kolb nice bomb to Jackson, but whistled back for touch sack on Kolbs foot from Graham."

"Keenan Clayton storms into backfield and brings down dancing McCoy for a loss."

"McCoy rebounds with an impressive run squeezing thru tiny hole to left, juked Demps out to the ground."

"Laws and Dixon come back to sideline asking 'how did he get through that tiny hole?'"

"Reid praising Jamar Chaney after popping Eldra Buckley in the backfield

"3s/3s again, Omar Gaither calls holding from sideline 'No. 73 (McCuller) should be on defense the way he's tackling out there.'"

"Special teams now, that'll do it for live session. Most impressive? Bradley, T. Cole DeSean Hobbs. Under the radar? Scott, Te'o Cooper."

Also, one injury note from the morning: wide receiver Jordan Norwood left practice with a tweaked hamstring. Practice resumes this afternoon at 2:45. Be sure to follow along in real time on our EaglesInsider twitter.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 11:36 a.m., July 31

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