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Sanchez, Offense Overcome Few Mistakes

Mark Sanchez completed 70 percent of his passes in the Eagles' 43-24 win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. He also threw a pair of interceptions to Titans defenders, two of his 43 pass attempts he'd like to have back.

After the team's win, Sanchez wasn't dwelling on the interceptions. He certainly wasn't accepting them, and he wasn't happy with them. But he said he knows there isn't time to beat yourself up over the negative aspects of any given game.

"I think maybe a couple of years ago, those two interceptions would have just eaten away at me," the veteran quarterback explained after the game. "But there's no time to worry about it. There's time to fix it, I think, this week, and really work on some of those throws."

But for Sanchez, Sunday's game was more about emphasizing the good that the Eagles offense did, rebounding from a tough outing against Green Bay in Week 11.

Sanchez said the run game was massive in helping him be so accurate with his throws, opening up more options as the Tennessee defense had to honor both the run and the pass.

"It's huge," Sanchez said of the run game. "It helps with the play action, it helps with all the run action stuff. It's huge. The offensive line did such a good job."

Sanchez added that he saw his wide receiver corps contributing to the run game in a big way, something he worried might go overlooked in the wake of a huge rushing day - 130 yards and a touchdown - from LeSean McCoy and three takeaways from the defense.

The wide receivers, he said, played an integral role in getting the run game going, showing just how well-rounded the offense was on Sunday afternoon.

"Those plays that got extended were really a result of the receivers out on the edge," Sanchez explained. "You see it on film [from other teams], guys getting downfield and being lazy where they don't want to block the safeties, they don't want to block the corners. Without those [blocks], that 50-yard run that LeSean breaks is a 12-yard gain, which is great but not what we want. So that was really good."

Sanchez spread praise to nearly every offensive player but himself after the game Sunday. Head coach Chip Kelly, though, said he thought his quarterback played well. Kelly acknowledged that Sanchez would likely want a few of his throws back, especially the interceptions. But he played good football.

"He stepped up in the pocket and made a great decision in terms of stepping up," Kelly explained of Sanchez's second interception, "but the ball seemed to get away from him a little.

"But I thought he played well."

The interceptions were throws that Sanchez knows he can make, in large part because he's made them before, which is more frustrating to him than actually throwing the interceptions.

"For a golfer," Sanchez explained, "when you make that easy four-foot putt all the time and then one day you lip out, it's not fun.

"But we'll get it right, and I know those guys will be open again, so it's my job to put it on them."

If that happens, his otherwise excellent offense should have no problem putting up the same kind of points against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

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