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Sam Bradford: 'I Plan To Play'


Head Coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles' coaching staff may not have set the rotation for Saturday's matchup in Green Bay just yet, but when quarterback Sam Bradford was asked about playing time, he made no reservations about declaring himself ready to go.

"I plan to play," Bradford said after Thursday's training session.  "It's always (Kelly's) decision. We haven't talked about it, but yes, I plan to play."

Barring an unforeseen setback, Bradford figures to be back out on the field against the Packers for his second preseason game in an Eagles uniform. In his first action against the Ravens last Saturday, Bradford played just one series, completing 3-of-5 passes and leading the offense on a touchdown drive.

Heading into this week's game, Bradford is hopeful to see a jump in his snap count as he looks to establish a rhythm with the first-team offense.

"The biggest thing (I'd like to accomplish) would just be getting into a rhythm," Bradford said. "Obviously last week to play the one drive was great, but it's nice to get out on the field multiple times, establish that rhythm, work on communication with the line and receivers and talk about what we're seeing on the field so when it gets to the regular season, that's not something that we're trying to work through.

"We could get out there and it could take 10 plays and I could feel great out there, or it could take more. I think it's all about getting into the flow of the game and finding a rhythm."

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Bradford has looked comfortable in training situations with the Eagles, but it was clear to see that his first live game action required knocking off a little bit of rust. Now, as the Monday night opener against Atlanta draws closer, Bradford can feel the speed and intensity of each game increasing.

"I think I said it last week that it was good to get out there and just feel the speed of the game," the Eagles' quarterback said. "I think it ramps up when you're out there. The preseason is one speed, but then when you get to the regular season, it ramps up another level. I think just getting back out there and getting used to bodies around me in the pocket, being able to move away from those and just getting a feel for everything (is important)."

The sixth-year pro has a had a lot to digest in a short period of time when it comes to learning the Eagles' offensive playbook and translating it onto the field. He didn't participate in team drills until the start of Training Camp, but fortunately for Bradford, the offense isn't as complex as it appears.

"No matter what offense you're in, whether you're in it for four weeks or four years, you're still constantly learning," Bradford said. "You're constantly trying to get better. I think the good thing about this offense is that it's not like we have five million different plays. Compared to some of the other offenses I've been in, we don't have as many plays, so you get a lot of reps with the stuff that we're going to run, so I feel good with our base package and the things that we've talked about."

While last week's game checked off a number of boxes on Bradford's road to recovery, including his ability to bounce back up after a hit, this weekend's game presents another test – Bradford's first road game as an Eagle.

Bradford is ready to meet the challenge head-on which has been the case every step along the way on the road to recovery.

"I think it's nice," Bradford said. "Obviously, we'll have to work some silent counts, which is what we expect to have to do Week 1 in Atlanta. That changes some things just with motion timing and different little things in our offense that you take for granted when you're playing at home and everyone can hear the snap count.

"I think it will be good to get a challenge from a good Green Bay team on the road."   

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