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S Darrell Stuckey Scotuing Report

S Darrell Stuckey, Kansas
Pos. Rank: 11 Grade: 4th Round Height: 5-11 1/2 Weight: 205 40: 4.49 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Nice-sized safety best in a straight line. Forceful up the field, strong defending the run and sells out on the blitz. Consistently flies around the ball sacrificing his body to make the tackle. Displays a burst of closing speed. Solid route recognition facing the action. Hard-hitting defender who causes turnovers. Wraps up tackling and a solid open field tackler.

The Bad: Struggles in man coverage situations. Slow getting his head back around to locate the ball and does a bit of face guarding. Late getting to the sidelines in coverage.

The Verdict: Stuckey is an adequately sized safety who plays a physical brand of football. He offers potential in a zone system where he can face the action and play between the numbers. Stuckey should be productive on special teams.

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