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Roof Open For Eagles-Colts Tonight

In case you were wondering, the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium is right now closed for tonight's Eagles-Colts game, but it will be open prior to kickoff. During the regular season, the decision to open or close the roof must be made three hours prior to kickoff. In the preseason, anything goes. The weather forecast has changed and the roof will be open for tonight's nationally televised game. According to Vernon Cheek, the Colts' assistant director of public relations, it takes just 11 minutes (give or take a minute) to open the roof.

Storms were originally predicted for the Indianapolis area and officials had closed the roof. Lucas Oil Stadium is a gorgeous facility, similar in feel and look inside to Ford Field in Detroit. This is the first game for the Eagles at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Look for the Eagles starters to play the first half, while the Colts starters are likely to play well into the second quarter.

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 6:01 p.m., August 20

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