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Road Warriors: Keeping The Tradition Alive

Had a great time at the eagles/pats practice today! Cole with Shady! #flyeaglesfly #eagles @CutonDime25 — Livingston Cheng (@livcheng) August 13, 2014

FOXBORO, Mass. - Eagles Nation was proudly represented at this week's joint practice with the New England Patriots thanks to fans like Livingston Cheng, who wanted to share the experience with his son, and Daniel Isaacsohn, who took off work to see his favorite team ...

Eagles Nation ID: Livingston Cheng

Eagles Nest: From Philly originally and we've lived in Natick, Mass. for 8 years now.

Bleeding Green Since: "Philly born and raised, so pretty much my whole life. And my son now, too."

Brotherly Love: "I went to a game a couple years ago at Gillette. This was my first time seeing the Eagles since."

Favorite Eagle: Brian Dawkins - "He was the heart of our D and the best safety ever."

Most Exciting 2014 Showdown: "Patriots this Friday because I can finally see them in person!"

Favorite Eagles Moment: "If have to say, then the Super Bowl, but we lost to the Pats. The whole atmosphere leading up to the game was incredible."

Preseason Expectation: "I think we'll do pretty well with (Nick) Foles' first year as our full-time starter. We'll see how our offense will fill in for DeSean (Jackson). Everybody's raving about Jordan Matthews and it's good to see (Jeremy) Maclin again. We'll be okay. In Chip we trust!"


Eagles Nation ID: Daniel Isaacsohn

Eagles Nest: "Originally from Philly, but I've been in Boston now for two years. I took off work to be here (Tuesday) and I will be here Friday night."

Bleeding Green Since: "Born and raised. I had no other choice and I couldn't be happier."

Brotherly Love: "I haven't seen the Eagles since I moved. I never thought I'd do this in my life!"

Favorite Eagle: Connor Barwin - "He puts it all out there and does what he needs to do. He's the jack. It doesn't get better than that."

Most Exciting 2014 Showdown: "Honestly every game, now that Kelly's here. He's innovative, building the system and the team is learning about leadership. Chip Kelly is doing everything to give us a chance to win. There's a method to his madness."

Favorite Eagles Moment: "My godfather was (Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame broadcaster) Al Meltzer. He used to bring me to the Buddy Ryan Show, and let me meet Buddy Ryan and Seth Joyner. That solidified it for me. Fandom forever."

Preseason Expectation: "Improve on last season and continue to move forward."

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