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Reid Declines To Discuss Injuries

Due to the way the media outlets have reported Stewart Bradley's knee injury, head coach Andy Reid declined to discuss any injuries following Monday afternoon's practice. Reid told the reporters that when he was first hired in 1999 he would disclose any injury news.

"Some of your colleagues here decided that they would go to the players and/or other personnel here and ask about injuries," Reid said. "I made a pact with you guys when I first got here that I would disclose to you the injuries, just stay away from the players. Stay away from other personnel in the organization and I'd take care of you. That was breached."

A number of reports state that Bradley tore the ACL in his knee during Sunday night's practice. Bradley did not practice on Monday and was replaced in the lineup by Joe Mays. There is no official word from the Eagles on the status of Bradley's injury or any of the other injured players.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 3:50 p.m., August 3

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