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Reddit A.M.A. Preview: Beau-dacious Allen

Welcome @BeauAllen and his BEAU-tiful hair to Philadelphia! #FlyEaglesFly — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) May 10, 2014

When the Eagles drafted defensive tackle Beau Allen from Wisconsin this past May, little did we know we selected an all-star tweeter as well as a 6-foot-2, 333-pound Badgers Football record-setter. The hilarious rookie with soft spots for Pokémon and gummy worms is preparing to tackle something scarier than NFL offensive linemen this afternoon ... YOUR questions. Get to know Beau before he takes over the Philadelphia Eagles' Reddit account today after practice for our first-ever r/eagles Ask Me Anything.

Badger Family

Where Allen success at UW began... — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) January 16, 2012

After setting a school record for playing in every single game in his college career, 54 matchups in all, Beau is not the only member of the Allen clan to achieve Badger greatness. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather Fred T. Westphal, a six-time All-American swimmer, and uncle John Westphal, a two-year letterwinner for Badgers Football.

While football is the main focus on his NFL journey, Allen developed versatility in high school as a four-sport student, participating in football, hockey, track and field and winning a state championship in lacrosse. And like any good Minnesotan, Allen's first love is for the great outdoors.

This is what I love — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) May 25, 2013

Still got it!! — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) July 1, 2012

Unless it's allergy season.

Summer allergies :( — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) May 25, 2013

Feed The Beast

Public service announcement for @GenosSteaks and @PatsSteaks: @BeauAllen is coming. Consider yourselves warned #Badgers #NFLDraft — Badger Football (@BadgerFootball) May 10, 2014

Already feelin the love from Philly, someone get me a cheese steak! — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) May 10, 2014

Listed at 333 pounds, it takes a lot of delicious food to build that muscle mass. Allen started early, thanks to his first job at Detello's, a pizza and pasta restaurant in Minnesota.

"It's a mom-and-pop shop that we went to all the time growing up, so I worked there after my freshman year. There was a deal where you could make a meal for yourself the night you worked, so that summer, I probably gained 30 pounds and got above 300. I love that place. Every time I go home, I go back there."

I am not a patient man... — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) December 22, 2012

Home sweet home! — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) December 23, 2012

My lucky day! — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) July 4, 2012


When writing a list of the best-dressed Eagles, Allen may not be an obvious choice, but with style like this, it's tough to list him anywhere but No. 1.

It's a spring break thing — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) March 27, 2013

Who let the clogs out?? #who #who #who — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) March 26, 2014

"@JP23: @BeauAllen solid decision for first day back" you really can never go wrong with that outfit — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) September 3, 2012

Sup ladies — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) October 1, 2012

DT @BeauAllen is warming up for the #Eagles season at an @nflplay60 event as part of the @NFL Rookie Symposium. — Eagles Care (@EaglesCommunity) June 24, 2014

But Enough Of The Twitter Nonsense ...

Putting myself into twitter exile for awhile so that I can focus on the exciting opportunities I have coming up #priorities #staytuned — Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen) May 15, 2014

... Reddit is where it's at. Head over to r/eagles after today's practice and prepare to truly ask him anything because knowing Beau, he WILL answer.

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