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Randall Cunningham and Jalen Hurts celebrate generations of excellence 

Jalen Hurts and Randall Cunningham
Jalen Hurts and Randall Cunningham

Before the new-age Kelly Green jerseys were released this summer, there was one retro quarterback jersey that stood out across Philadelphia. 

It was Randall Cunningham's No. 12. 

The jersey signified the success of one of the all-time great quarterbacks in the NFL. It represented the toughness of the late '80s and early '90s when a generation of fans fell in love with the organization. 

With a new era of Kelly Green in full swing, you will still see the Cunningham jersey, but there is one jersey that will now stick out above the rest. 

Jalen Hurts' No. 1. 

This jersey signifies the future of Eagles football. It represents an era of growing and winning. Adults will pass this down to their children for generations to come. 

The current franchise quarterback met with the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer for the first time in September for a Kelly Green Q&A.  

"This is a generational passing of the guard," Kevin Negandhi said. 

Negandhi, the ESPN SportsCenter anchor and Temple University alumnus, emceed the special event at Lincoln Financial Field's Hyundai Club.

Jalen Hurts, Randall Cunningham, and Kevin Negandhi
Jalen Hurts, Randall Cunningham, and Kevin Negandhi

Both quarterbacks have had the pleasure of playing in this city with elevated expectations. 

"I loved it, a lot of pressure," Cunningham said. "The support from the Philadelphia people was excellent." 

"It is a thrill; it is something so special," Hurts said. "Being in this prideful town that is rich in football grittiness. It is the perfect place for me." 

During Cunningham's time in Philadelphia, he threw for 22,877 yards and 150 touchdowns. He also rushed for 4,482 yards and 32 touchdowns. Cunningham is sixth all time in rushing yards for the franchise, the only quarterback in the top 10.  

He was described on a Sports Illustrated cover in 1989 as "the ultimate weapon." That nickname stuck.  

"I am a historian of the game; you see how he was truly the ultimate weapon," Hurts said. "He was a very special talent. It is great to be able to watch the guys that have come before me." 

Cunningham now has the chance to watch Hurts lead the franchise, just like he did from 1985-95. 

In 51 career games, Hurts has thrown for 9,448 yards and 51 touchdowns. Similarly, to Cunningham, Hurts can do it all. With 31 rushing touchdowns, Hurts is one score away from equaling Cunningham's tally. 

Last season, Hurts tied Cunningham's 1990 record for the most total touchdowns (35) in a single season in team history.  

"The character of this young man is excellent," Cunningham said. "I know he is going to get the job done. The Eagles are always in the game. He is the ultimate calm quarterback that I wish I could have been."

Jalen Hurts and Randall Cunningham
Jalen Hurts and Randall Cunningham

Cunningham did most of his damage in Kelly Green and now Hurts will have the same opportunity two times this season.

For Cunningham, it brings back fond memories, and for Hurts, it is a chance to create new ones.

"When I see Kelly Green, I think about the legend of Reggie White," Cunningham said. "I see that number 92 jersey. It symbolizes the unity that we have as a city."

"The beautiful part of this journey is that we get to create our own memories in those jerseys," Hurts said. "There is a ton of rich history. It is a great color; it has that swagger to it. Obviously, the city loves it!"

The Eagles will wear the highly anticipated alternate uniform this Sunday against the Dolphins and on November 26 against the Buffalo Bills. – Written by Owen Boyle

Randall Cunningham and Jalen Hurts met each other for the first time in September when they participated in a Kelly Green Q&A at Lincoln Financial Field. Check out the best photos!

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