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Raiders Brought Pressure From All Angles

Here's a breakdown of the six sacks allowed by the Eagles on Sunday against the Raiders. The Eagles had allowed just six sacks in the team's first four games.

Sack No. 1 - 1st quarter (12:45 remaining) - 3rd and 7 at the PHI 20 - Raiders simply overload the right side of the Eagles offensive line. Defensive end Trevor Scott rushes as a standup end. Brent Celek takes him one-on-one and Scott sets Celek up wide and beats him inside to get to McNabb. Where was Winston Justice you say? The Raiders sent linebacker Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard in the C gap between Justice and Celek. Justice got Morrison, but Howard was right behind Scott. Brian Westbrook, who was lined up in the backfield as a single back, chipped right defensive end Richard Seymour before going out. McNabb didn't have a chance and lost 11 yards.

Sack No. 2 - 1st quarter (8:15 remaining) - 3rd and 11 at the PHI 41 - McNabb lined up in the shotgun with LeSean McCoy to his right. The Raiders had Scott lined up as a standup end on the left side again. At left defensive tackle is former Cowboys Greg Ellis, who usually plays end. McNabb takes the snap and both Scott and Ellis rush wide to the left. Justice takes Ellis, who is essentially shielding Scott to come inside behind him. Right guard Max Jean-Gilles is not out wide enough and Scott has an open lane to McNabb. McCoy chipped Seymour before going out. Again, McNabb didn't have a chance and lost 8 yards this time.

Sack No. 3 - 2nd quarter (4:30 remaining) - 3rd and 10 at the OAK 27 - McNabb lined up in the shotgun with McCoy to his left. The Eagles were in a four-receiver set. Seymour simply bullrushed left tackle King Dunlap, who was playing for the injured Jason Peters. McCoy was helping protect the middle as strong safety Tyvon Branch was coming on a blitz. The Eagles lost 8 yards. This sack was costly because it knocked them out of field goal range.

Sack No. 4 - 2nd quarter (:27 remaining) - 1st and 15 from the OAK 20 - Seymour gets the sack again, but he lined up as the right defensive tackle this time. McNabb was under center with Westbrook lined up directly behind him and Michael Vick to Westbrook's left. Vick went in motion and lined up as the flanker on the right side of the field. The ball was snapped and Seymour went right inside of left guard Nick Cole and wrapped up McNabb. Westbrook never had a chance to help. From the way the Eagles came out of the snap, there looked to be some confusion. The Eagles lost 5 yards and had to settle for the field goal.

Sack No. 5 - 3rd quarter (8:19 remaining) - 2nd and 2 from the PHI 48 - The Eagles line up in the I-formation with two tight ends to Dunlap's left. Leonard Weaver is the fullback and McCoy is the halfback. McNabb takes the snap and fakes the handoff to McCoy signaling play-action pass. Right defensive end Jay Richardson is chipped by tight end Alex Smith, who is lined up the farthest to the left. Richardson then stunts up the middle. McCoy, who is now going into his route, should have chipped him but didn't. Weaver ran into the flat on the right side. He wasn't kept in to block and wasn't open as he was covered by a linebacker. Center Jamaal Jackson was helping with defensive tackle Gerard Warren and saw Richardson get by McCoy, but it was too late for him to help. The fact that the Raiders rushed only four here didn't allow McNabb anywhere to go and the Eagles lost 13 yards. They weren't able to overcome the third-and-15.

Sack No. 6 - 4th quarter (9:41 remaining) - 3rd and 7 from PHI 26 – See Sack No. 1. McNabb is under center and Westbrook is alone in the backfield. The Eagles go with three receivers and Celek as the tight end. Celek is kept in to help Justice block on the right side. The Raiders have three down linemen and Scott as the standup left end. The Raiders also have Branch, Morrison and Howard lurking at the line of scrimmage. At the snap, Celek takes on Scott. Justice helped out with Matt Shaughnessy, who is an end lined up as a tackle. The problem is Morrison and Howard run a stunt to flood the C gap. Justice is able to shield off Morrison, but Howard is right there to wrap up McNabb. Westbrook chipped Seymour, the right defensive end, before going into his route. Even if McNabb escaped the linebackers, Seymour and Warren had the left side of the offensive line collapsing fast.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 6:11 a.m., October 19

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