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QB Mike Kafka Scouting Report

QB Mike Kafka, Northwestern
Pos. Rank: 8 Grade: 5th Round Height: 6-3 Weight: 225 40: 4.93 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Adequately size signal caller best in the short passing game. Patient in the pocket, displays terrific field awareness, and remains poised under the rush. Possesses a quick release, immediately gets the ball out of his hands, and very accurate in the short field. Looks away from covered receivers, goes through progressions, and takes the safe underneath outlet if nothing else is available. Terrific sense of knowing where his receivers are on the field. Puts touch on throws when necessary, effectively places the ball into receivers' hands, and displays terrific pass placement inside of 20 yards. Tough, senses the blitz then stands in and takes a hit in order to get the pass away. Does not force the ball into coverage and for the most part makes good decisions.

The Bad: Lacks great pocket stature. Cannot drive the deep pass. Falls out of throws at times.

The Verdict: Kafka did a terrific job last season when he stepped underneath center on a full-time basis. He's a terrific timing passer who would be a good addition to a West Coast offense.

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