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QB Jimmy Clausen Scouting Report

QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
Pos. Rank: 2 Grade: 1st Round Height: 6-2.5 Weight: 222 40: 4.85 Year: 3-Jr.

The Good:Intelligent pocket passer who rarely makes poor decisions. Patient, buys time for receivers, and displays an excellent sense of awareness. Shows an understanding of what's happening on the field, remains poised, and stands strong against the rush. Always in control of the offense, gets outside the pocket and loses nothing throwing on the move. Possesses a quick release and the ball immediately gets out of his hand. Scans the field, always goes to secondary targets or takes the safe underneath outlet. Displays a sense of timing, powers the ball to intermediate targets, and displays improved touch on his throws last year. Rarely forces the ball into coverage and will take off up the field rather than make the errant toss.

The Bad: Must improve his deep throws and does not possess the arm strength necessary to drive passes downfield. Has a high point of release that results in passes sailing over the heads of intended targets. Throws poor corner and fade patterns. Not an elusive signal caller who can escape the rush.

The Verdict: Clausen has been a much ballyhooed signal caller and a solid prospect for the next level yet by no means a true franchise quarterback. He offers starting potential and the ability to be in an efficient quarterback but is not a player who will be able to carry a franchise on his shoulders.

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