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Pro Football Weekly's Seventh-Round Value Chart

Pro Football Weekly evaluated the prospects in this year's draft class and assigned each player a round where he should be picked as well as what part of the round. This is not a mock draft. Different teams are going to have different grades based on their evaluation of the player and where that player fits into its scheme. And there may not be enough prospects worth filling out an entire round of the draft. Just because there are 32 picks in the first round, it doesn't mean that teams will have 32 players with a first-round grade.

To start the series, here's a look at how Pro Football Weekly analyzed the seventh round. The prospects are broken up into offense and defense, as well as which part of the round each one should be selected in.

When it comes to the Eagles, do not discount the seventh round. At the end of last year, integral players like offensive tackle King Dunlap, linebackers Jamar Chaney and Moise Fokou and free safety Kurt Coleman were all on the field after being selected in the seventh round. In fact, the Eagles traded back into the seventh round, giving up a sixth-round pick in this year's draft, for Chaney. And with teams unable to sign free agents following the draft, the action could heat up with teams trying to get into the seventh round to make sure they get the players they want.

The Eagles have three seventh-round picks - Seattle's from the Stacy Andrews trade last year (227th overall) and two compensatory picks (237th overall, 240th overall) which cannot be traded.

OffenseEarly Seventh RoundRB Mario Fannin, Auburn (5-10, 230)
WR Tori Gurley, South Carolina (6-4, 215)
WR Jamel Hamler, Fresno State (6-1, 195)
WR Joe Morgan, Walsh (6-1, 190)
OT Garrett Chisolm, South Carolina (6-5, 310)
C Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock (6-4, 315)
C Tim Barnes, Missouri (6-4, 300)
G Julian Vandervelde, Iowa (6-2, 300)

Mid Seventh RoundQB Pat Devlin, Delaware (6-3, 225)
RB Jamie Harper, Clemson (5-11, 235)
WR Ryan Whalen, Stanford (6-1, 200)
WR Scotty McKnight, Colorado (5-11, 182)
WR Lestar Jean, Florida Atlantic (6-3. 215)
TE Daniel Hardy, Idaho (6-4, 250)
G Ricky Henry, Nebraska (6-3, 310)
C Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU (6-2, 300)
G Keith Williams, Nebraska (6-4, 320)
OT Byron Bell, New Mexico (6-5, 348)

Late Seventh RoundRB Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech (6-1, 230)
WR Dane Sanzebacher, Ohio State (5-11, 180)
WR Terrence Turner, Indiana (6-2, 220)
WR Owen Spencer, North Carolina State (6-2, 195)
WR Mark Dell, Michigan State (6-0, 195)
C Colin Baxter, Arizona (6-3, 305)
C Kristofer O'Dowd, USC (6-4, 305)

DefenseEarly Seventh RoundDT Pep Levingston, LSU (6-4, 290)
DE Pierre Allen, Nebraska (6-4, 275)
DT Jerrell Powe, Mississippi (6-2, 335)
LB Brian Rolle, Ohio State (5-10, 230)
LB Bruce Miller, Central Florida (6-1, 255)
LB Doug Hogue, Syracuse (6-3, 235)
S Mark LeGree, Appalachian State (6-0, 210)
S Jermale Hines, Ohio State (6-1, 220)
CB Ryan Jones, Northwest Missouri State (5-11, 198)
CB Anthony Gaitor, Florida International (5-10, 177)

Mid Seventh RoundDE Ryan Winterswyk, Boist State (6-4, 270)
DT Sealver Siliga, Utah (6-2, 305)
LB Scott Lutrus, Connecticut (6-2, 240)
LB Jabara Williams, Stephen F. Austin (6-2, 228)
LB Mario Addison, Troy (6-3, 254)
S Jerrard Tarrant, Georgia Tech (6-0, 205)
CB Cortez Allen, The Citadel (6-1, 195)
CB Kevin Rutland, Missouri (6-0, 190)

Late Seventh RoundDE Cheta Ozougwa, Rice (6-2, 245)
DE Antoine Carter, Auburn (6-3, 259)
DT Martin Parker, Richmond (6-2, 305)
DT Chris Neild, West Virginia (6-2, 320)
LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (6-3, 247)
LB Orie Lemon, Oklahoma State (6-1, 240)
S Da'Norris Searcy, North Carolina (5-11, 225)
CB Loyce Means, Houston (5-10, 177)
CB Devon Torrance, Ohio State (6-0, 200)
G Brad Thorson, Kansas (6-3, 290)
OT Ray Dominguez, Arkansas (6-4, 335)

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