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Pro Football Hall of Fame honors Eagles team photographer Kiel Leggere

To most of us, a photo is just a representation of a moment in time. We take it for what it is, and we do not look for any deeper meaning or emotions.

For Eagles Photographer and Motion Graphics Designer, Kiel Leggere, meaning and emotion are the basis of his art. Whether he is photographing players arriving for a Monday Night Football matchup, shooting the game-winning field goal, or capturing a jubilant locker room after a thrilling win, Leggere is driven by the story he wants his photos to tell.

"There are so many unique stories that can be told in sports," Leggere said. "Football offers countless opportunities to capture raw emotion, whether it is on the field, the bench, or even in the stands. I am extremely grateful that the Eagles allow me to be that close to the team and produce something I am passionate about."

The Temple alumnus has been with the Eagles for almost 10 years now, but only began his photography journey in 2016. Prior to that, Leggere spent six seasons as a video editor and designer for the team. The Eagles did not have a full-time photographer at the time, relying on an award-winning team of freelancer photographers with decades of experience, so when the opportunity to hire one arose, Leggere was all in.

"I told our vice president of content and creative, at the time, that I had an interest in photography and wanted to fill that needed role," Leggere said. "It started with me just going around during the games and shooting some extra content. Fast forward four years later, and now it is a major portion of my job that I absolutely love."

Along with taking photos, Leggere manages all of the outstanding freelancers and produces motion graphics and animations for the team. If you have been on any Eagles social media platform, you have seen his work, from the 2020 Draft Class animation graphic to a photo of Carson Wentz celebrating a touchdown and everything in between.

While Eagles fans recognize his work every day, Leggere was honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame this offseason for one of his pieces. Leggere's photo of Malcolm Jenkins in the locker room before the Week 7 showdown against the Cowboys placed third out of thousands of entries in the Best Features category of the 52nd Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest.

Titled "Moment of Clarity," this photo of Malcolm Jenkins before the Week 7 matchup last season in Dallas earned Leggere third place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest

"This specific photo stood out to me for a couple of reasons," Leggere said. "One of my jobs is to give the viewer at home an inside look of what's happening with the Eagles at all times. That is exactly what this photo does. What you cannot see in this photo is all the chaos going on around Malcolm. Instead, you see this special moment of meditation with a messy locker room as the backdrop."

Leggere titled the photo "Moment of Clarity" with regard to how he felt in the moment capturing it and how it would translate to the viewer.

"The title is a little generic, but at the end of the day, I wanted to get that emotion of the calm before the storm across," Leggere said. "Malcolm's getting ready to put his pads on and in five minutes he is going to be walking out in front of 70,000 screaming fans, but in this moment, he is here. He is with his thoughts and mentally preparing for the next 60 minutes."

The photo will be displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio for the next year for fans to admire. While awards are not Leggere's motivation to produce the best content, he is beyond humbled by the tremendous achievement.

"I am grateful for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for even considering me for this honor, but also more grateful for the other photographers who I look up to and work with that helped me reach this milestone," Leggere said. "The Philadelphia Eagles gave me this opportunity to tell stories through my lens and every day I feel lucky to showcase those emotions to our fans."

Team photographer Kiel Leggere won third place in the Best Feature category of the 52nd Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest, a prestigious honor. To commemorate the achievement, Leggere selected his favorite photos from the past couple of seasons.

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