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Prime Time Is The Best Time For Jackson

DeSean Jackson loves the spotlight. And in a pivotal game for the Eagles this Sunday night against the 49ers, why not get every little advantage that you can.

In the Eagles' four primetime games last season, Jackson caught 18 passes for 383 yards and scored five total touchdowns. The Eagles were 3-1 in those four games and you could argue that Jackson won two of them - the Monday night game in Washington and the Sunday night game at New York - with his stellar play.

But Jackson isn't concerned about padding his stats. He wants to see the Eagles get a win.

"Right now, we're desperate for a win, especially after last week's game. I'm just ready to play in front of my home state and go out there and get a win," said Jackson, a native of Long Beach, Calif. "We know what we have riding on the line being 2-2. We would like to be 3-1 or 4-0, but unfortunately we're not. We just want to set ourselves up to win as many games as possible."

The 49ers will look to shut down Jackson with cornerbacks Nate Clements and Shawntae Spencer, along with rookie strong safety Taylor Mays. Jackson's performance is going to be even more important with the likely scenario that Kevin Kolb will be starting for Michael Vick at quarterback.

"He's been a starter already. We have a lot of confidence in his game," Jackson said. "We're hurt that we lost Vick, but this is great for a guy like Kevin to step in because he's already had the spot and he's used to it."

The Redskins last week were very physical with Jackson at the line of scrimmage. Plus, the Redskins played a Cover 2 making sure that there was always safety help. Jackson finished with just three catches for 19 yards. For Jackson to unleash his speed on the middle and deep crossing routes, Jackson knows that he will need some help.

"It starts with the line up front," Jackson said. "As long as the line is giving (the quarterback) time and letting him stand in the pocket and read the defense and see what the defense is giving us that's the biggest thing."

Jackson has had success in prime time. He's also had success against the 49ers - 12 catches for 238 yards and a score in two career games. It seems like the perfect formula for getting Jackson, and the Eagles, back on the right track.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 9:55 a.m., October 7

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