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Practice Blog: August 10

Here's a look at what took place during Monday's practices at Lehigh University. The updates were provided by Bob Kent (BK), Chris McPherson (CM) and Bo Wulf (BW).

  • 8:19 AM - It's going to be a scorcher here at Lehigh University today. The high is expected to be at 92 degrees. The weather has been warm, but reasonable during this camp. Including today, there are only two days of two-a-days left for the team. Tomorrow is Fan Appreciation Day and Wednesday is a walkthrough (which is closed to the public) before Thursday night's preseason opener against New England. From an injury standpoint, Todd Herremans suited up and was back on the field. We'll have to see how much he participates. We're walking out to the field now, so we'll get the latest on the other injured players shortly. (CM)
  • 8:28 AM - The defensive players are rotating through three stations by position group - each station focusing on turnovers. The first station is an interception station, with the players working on catching balls. It was interesting to note that all of the defensive lineman had good enough hands that I didn't see an single drop. The second station, run by an animated linebackers coach Bill Shuey, focused on stripping the ball from an offensive player from behind. There are three techniques to getting the ball out. The punch, which is an upward motion with the arm and is used if the ball is visible from behind. The club is a downward swing at the ball from above the ball carrier's shoulder. And the rake is when the defender sticks his hand into the area where the ball is being carried and tries to pry it out. After the ball is forced out, Shuey made sure the defenders used good technique when picking up the football, scooping from low to high. The final station focused on sliding into a ball on the ground properly - sideways so as to secure the ball without moving it from it's resting position. (BW)
  • 9:08 AM - The Eagles worked the offense against the nickel packages. It was a thud period where there was contact, but no tackling ... Asante Samuel is entertaining the crowd both on the field and on the sidelines. He had great coverage against Reggie Brown on a throw that was low. After the first-team offense finished against the first-team nickel defense, Samuel joked that "there's not enough catching out there." He said some other things, but they wouldn't be suitable for family viewing in our blog. After Kevin Kolb was scrambling around the pocket with the second-team offense, Samuel remarked that Kolb was doing his best "Mike Vick" impersonation. On one rep, where the offense jumped off-sides, Samuel said to "throw the flag, ref, he can't handle the pressure." The first-team offensive line was complete except for Shawn Andrews at right tackle. Winston Justice played there. Jason Peters was at left tackle, Todd Herremans was at left guard, Jamaal Jackson was at center and Stacy Andrews was at right guard. DeSean Jackson, who returned to practice yesterday afternoon, was on the field. No Brian Westbrook, no Abiamiri, no Schobel. (CM)
  • 9:09 AM - Can someone put MYERS on the back of Rob Myers' jersey? He made it through the first day of practice. That should at least earn him the letters on the back of his jersey. (CM)
  • 9:22 AM -Cornerback Sheldon Brown nearly made a pick after shadowing Jeremy Maclin during the team drill. After the play, Brown was on the ground for a few moments before head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder came over. Brown declined Burkholder's help as he walked off the field under his own power. Quarterback Kevin Kolb walked off the field gingerly after one rep. Chris Gocong was in the area, but it's tough to tell if they collided or not. Kolb had his left leg worked on in the trainers' tent. Defensive end Trent Cole also walked off favoring his left wrist. We'll see if they return to action after the special teams drills. (CM)
  • 9:28 AM - Sheldon Brown returned to action after walking off the field earlier. However, Kevin Kolb was carted off the field, sitting in the front seat, not stretched out in the back. He then walked into the field house under his own power. (BK)
  • 9:29 AM - Notes from an earlier drill in which two wide receivers worked against two cornerbacks and a safety over the top: Asant Samuel made a great break on a Donovan McNabb throw but then dropped the sure pick. To make up for the drop he did five pushups on the sideline ... After Ellis Hobbs let Jason Avant get open on an out route, Hobbs and Quintin Mikell spent a few minutes on the sideline clarifying a difference in the coverage scheme between the Patriots Defense that Hobbs played for and the Eagles defense. Hobbs was lined up on the slot receiver, a role he hasn't done much of here at Lehigh ... Danny Amendola cut sharly inside to beat Byron Parker ... Quintin Mikell rose high in the air to knock away a long deep ball from Jeremy Maclin ... Sheldon Brown made a nice knockdown in coverage of Shaheer McBride ... Jason Avant beat Dimitri Patterson by a step for a 10-yard reception. (BW)
  • 9:36 AM- From the 1-on-1 WR/DB drills: The highlight of the drill came on the very first play when Sheldon Brown was in coverage of Kevin Curtis. Brown was tightly defending Curtis when the receiver caught the ball about 5 yard past the line of scrimmage, but immediately after Curtis made the catch Brown clubbed the ball out of his hands to force a fumble - exactly the way the team practiced this morning. It was such a nice play that it prompted Asante Samuel to run on the field and congratulate Brown ... Brown was dominant in his next rep as well, jamming Brandon Robinson so well that he couldn't even get off the line of scrimmage. "That ain't even fair," Samuel said before making Brown let a less experienced defensive back get a rep ... Dimitri Patterson received positive feedback from defensive coordinator Sean McDermott for his coverage on Kevin Curtis. Patterson gave Curtis enough cushion to then break on the pass and knock it away. "That's smart football right there," McDermott told the defense" ... Brandon Gibson made the catch of the drill on a deep ball after running past Macho Harris. Gibson laid out and caught the ball with his fingertips before it hit the ground around the 5-yard line ... Brandon Robinson made a nice catch along the sideline even though he was tightly covered by Rashad Baker. Baker didn't get his head around in time to see the ball ... The crowd booed in disappointment at the end of the drill because the team changed drills right as Jeremy Maclin was about to go head-to-head with Sheldon Brown. (BW)
  • 9:43 AM - A few more notes on the 11-on-11 drill that Chris wrote about in the 9:22 AM post - Newly acquired tight end Rob Myers got a few reps with the second-team offense, splitting time with Eugene Bright ... Playing the in the No. 3 nickel defense, Moise Fokou made two very nice back-to-back plays. On the first one, he blitzed up the middle, side-stepped an offensive lineman and got to A.J. Feeley unmolested before the quarterback was even done dropping back. On the next play, Elra Buckley caught a pass about three yards down the middle of the field, but was met immediately by Fokou. Even though it was only a thud drill, the collision with Fokou forced Buckley to drop the ball and Fokou to recover. "Outstanding work 53, make no apologies," yelled coaching intern Greg Lloyd from the sideline. (BW)
  • 9:58 AM - Darren Howard is in at first-team right defensive end for Trent Cole who left practice with a lower left arm injury, (BW)
  • 10:03 AM - Highlights from the one-on-one offensive line/defensive line drills ... Jason Babin vs. Paul Fanaika - Babin played high and tried to wrestle past Fanaika .... Dallas Reynolds vs. Brodrick Bunkley - Reynolds, a center, made a ground ball snap but neutralized Bunkley ... Josh Gaines vs. Mike Gibson - Gaines made a nice spin move to get past Gibson ... Bryan Smith vs. Fenuki Tupou - Smith slipped and fell trying to use his speed to get outside. He would have had the leverage if he didn't slip ... Babin vs. Patrick - Babin used a good hand punch but needs to play lower ... Fanaika vs. Juqua Parker - Parker tried to uppercut past Fanaika but couldn't get by ... Rematch - Parker simply bullrushed Fanaika ... Reynolds vs. Bunkley - To Juan Castillo's delight, Reynolds did a good job again of keeping Bunkley at bay ... Klecko vs. Gibson - Klecko blew past Gibson ... Tupou vs. Smith - Tupou stood up Smith ... Clemons vs. Patrick - Oh my! Oh my! The strength Clemons showed in simply pushing Patrick out of the way was amazing ... Chris Gocong vs. Winston Justice - Gocong did a good job starting high and finishing low ... Willie Williams vs. Fanaika - Fanaika stood up Williams, who tried to bullrush by him ... McGlynn vs. Klecko - McGlynn stood up Klecko ... Rematch - Klecko did a better job getting off the line this time ... Darren Howard vs. Max Jean-Gilles - Howard sets up Jean-Gilles waiting a moment before making his move and then he just side steps to the left to get by easily ... Rematch - A true veteran, Howard does the same thing off the snap to set up Jean-Gilles but this time he just explodes with a bullrush that caught Jean-Gilles off-guard. The sound of the punch touching Jean-Gilles' pads elicited commotion from the rest of the participants ... Smith vs. Tupou - Smith used his speed to get to the left of Tupou and nearly got by, but Tupou stayed in good position to make the stop ... Babin vs. Patrick - Babin used a spin move to get by Patrick ... Rematch - Babin jumped off-sides. (CM)
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