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Philly BallHawks coaches athletes to win at the game of life

The Eagles continue to support nonprofits that work to reduce barriers to opportunity and end racism. In support of Black History Month, the Eagles are proud to recognize the work of one of these nonprofits each day.

On the surface, the Philly BallHawks youth basketball organization is one of many that exist in cities like Philadelphia all across the country.

But for Philly BallHawks president Author Bowser, the organization's mission is much deeper than coaching adolescents up to win games on the court. It also wants to help them win at life.

Through Philly BallHawks, Bowser and his team promote education and social and cultural development through mentoring to keep the children away from the ills of society.

To help the organization's cause, the Eagles granted the Philly BallHawks $15,000 through the Social Justice Fund. The grant helped Philly BallHawks pay for new uniforms, basketballs, travel costs, and could potentially help rent out a gym for some practice time. All of this is designed to keep participants away from the negativity that surrounds them.

"We're trying to show these guys that the streets are not exactly the way to go," Bowser said. "We want these guys to play basketball, yes, but we're trying to get them to play basketball so they can get to college."

Education is a major point of emphasis for Bowser and his coaches, as basketball is not always enough to carry someone to success in life.

"I've seen a lot of great players that got lost after high school, and it doesn't matter what generation it was or what cycle, they just get lost," Bowser said. "My job and the coach's job is to make sure they stay on point and don't let the streets get to them."

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