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Our City, Our Team: Meet The Mural


As Eagles fans fill up Lincoln Financial Field for the 2015 NFL season, which is almost upon us as we enter late July, they'll be greeted by a brand new 17,000-square-foot mural, located adjacent to the stadium on Darien Street. Altogether, more than 2,900 man hours and 386 gallons of paint were devoted to the project that currently stands as the second-largest mural in the city of Philadelphia and the fifth-largest in the nation.

The Eagles and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program collaborated with Eagles season ticket members to create the “Our City, Our Team” mural. Over the course of four community paint days last November, the mural was brought to life with the help of Eagles players, staff, season ticket members and lead artists Philip Adams and Jonathan Laidacker.

So before your next trip to the Eagles Nest when you can see the mural for yourself, here's a brief tour of what makes up the "Our City, Our Team" mural ...

The Eagles partnered with artists Jonathan Laidacker & Philip Adams, and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program to create the #OurCityOurTeam Mural.

Eagle Soars Above The NovaCare Complex


An eagle soaring high above the Ben Franklin Bridge represents the gateway into the rest of the mural. Just as the bridge welcomes visitors to the City of Brotherly Love, the bridge on the mural welcomes viewers to the NovaCare Complex, the Eagles' training facility since 2001. While the team calls Lincoln Financial Field home for eight regular season games each season, the NovaCare Complex houses the team for the rest of the year. The NovaCare Complex practice fields are where the Eagles hone their craft and give 100 percent during each training session rep in order to be at the top of their game come Sunday.

Lincoln Financial Field


Of course, no Eagles mural would be complete without featuring Lincoln Financial Field, the Birds' gameday home since the start of the 2003 season. Nearly 70,000 Eagles fans pack the stadium to cheer on the home team each game, becoming the largest choir in Philadelphia after each touchdown with a rendition of the Eagles Fight Song. The stadium has hosted a number of memorable games in its 12 years of existence, from the 2004 NFC Championship Game win over Atlanta to the Snow Bowl and Black Sunday, and after the recent revitalization, the stadium is all set for the next great Eagles moment.

The Players


There's a lot of work and a lot of man power that goes into making the Eagles' organization run. From the front office to the gameday staff and everyone in between, it's a total team effort. However, there are just a handful of people who actually go out and perform in front of the fans and physically contribute to each win - the players. The Eagles' players put it all on the line every day of the week during the season with hopes of bringing a Super Bowl title to Philadelphia. Every time they step inside the white lines and put their bodies on the line, they do so with the Eagles' logo on their sleeves, wings on their helmets and the entire City of Philadelphia rooting for them.


The Philadelphia Skyline


There's no better way to encapsulate the City of Philadelphia on a mural than by including the city itself. The most recognizable buildings from the Philadelphia skyline are included in the mural, allowing the mural to truly live up to the "Our City, Our Team" slogan.

Eagles Nation


And finally, it's only natural that a mural created by the fans and for the fans would feature the fans. How does a painting symbolize the through-the-roof passion of the Eagles' fan base? By including the fans! The mural thanks all the countless fans who have sweated out each grueling victory; who have stayed up late for primetime games and gone to work the next day without a voice and who have bled green for their entire lives. 

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