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Vic Carucci of previews the next two games for the Eagles while offering his insight into the Eagles' postseason aspirations ...

Before the season, this two-game road stretch might have looked like a tougher challenge against Cincinnati than Baltimore. I think the Bengals, obviously, are a team in serious trouble, and without quarterback Carson Palmer, that isn't going to get a whole lot better. But against the Ravens, watch out.

They have the element that has been missing for years, and that is an offense that scores points. They have a good running game, a competent quarterback in Joe Flacco and a rookie head coach in John Harbaugh who Eagles fans know very well.

The best approach for the Eagles in that game is to go after Flacco with a variety of looks and approaches to the pass rush. Flacco goes against Steve Spagnuolo and the Giants pass rush this Sunday, so that will be a good warm up for the young quarterback. If Flacco holds up against that, a lot of us will have to re-think the idea that Matt Ryan is a shoo-in for the Rookie of the Year.

I see the Eagles having to win 10 games, at least, to reach the playoffs. It will be very difficult to get there. The Eagles showed me something against the Giants. They held their own against the best team in football. They are not as good as the Giants, but I think the Eagles have a shot if they can kind of scratch and claw their way back into a wild card spot.

The Eagles are similar to the Colts in that they are both in chase mode. They have some of the same traits as the Colts and I am not ready to give up on them yet.

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