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Offseason Program Countdown: 16 Days


Believe it or not, the beginning of the Eagles 2014 season is rapidly approaching. Players will report back to the NovaCare Complex on April 21 for the start of the Eagles offseason program. Join us as we count down until the Eagles are back in town …


Who says Nick Foles isn't a mobile quarterback? In 2013, Foles scrambled for a first down 16 times. Though he spent most of his time on the field making plays with his arm, Foles showed the ability to make things happen with his legs when all else failed. He was, however, a few rushing first downs behind the team leader, LeSean McCoy, who picked up a first down on 79 of his rushes in 2013.


First Eagle to wear 16: Sylvester Davis
Eagle currently wearing 16: WR Brad Smith (2013-present)


QB Norm Snead (1964-70)

In 1964, the Eagles traded quarterback Sonny Jurgensen in a package deal to the Washington Redskins. Jurgensen had put up some fantastic numbers with the Eagles, but first-year head coach Joe Kuharich shook up the roster by trading Jurgensen. One of the players that the Eagles got in return was quarterback Norm Snead.

Snead was a first-round draft pick out of Wake Forest, but he never panned out in Washington. His playing time was limited over his first few seasons in Philadelphia, but in 1967, after being named the Eagles starter, Snead had one of the best seasons of his career. That year, he threw for 3,399 yards (the 10th highest single-season total in Eagles history) and connected on 29 touchdown passes. Just as it looked as if Snead was reaching his full potential, he broke his leg in a 1968 exhibition game and was never really the same player after.

In total, Snead played seven seasons in Philadelphia before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings following the 1970 season. He would also make stops with the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers before retiring after his 16th NFL season. Snead's 15,672 career passing yards rank fourth on the Eagles all-time passing list, trailing only Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham and Ron Jaworski.

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